Monk Moniker Monzy of Sex

As seen on TV, there are so many sexual intercourse in Indonesia right now that it is so alarming to many of us. For the religious, it is said to be what of the end of the world. For the liberalist, it is said that people who not properly know what they are doing are endangered themselves with deseases such as AIDS. No, not that sex is prohibited, but both have different approach on it.

For Vaticans, it is a sinful act to endorse the use of condom and that made them sinister to the liberalist. But, it is also the liberalist that clouded their mind with freedom of life. Vatican, like other Abrahamaic religions, uses different approach. To them, marriage is the divine setting to have safe sexual intercourse, not condoms. If condom were endorsed, then it would like the religion permit sexual intercourse without marriage. So, it is on a good purpose.

But, sex is so powerful that many seeks to its present. For religious, it is called temptation and for the liberalist seen as the human most desire. For me, it is just a realization of human's need to be recognized by other. Hormones and such are produced by the body and controlled by mind. The mind itself is affected by environmental change and the way it perceive.

Those that found in a dark alley of life have been traumatized by act of their surrounding. Best of what they can do is seeking their refuge in an arcane asylum called sex. Most gay person is someone that had close older friend (the age difference is significant). People who partying surely have cold house that they cannot call it a home.

Then again, it is the religious who would come into conclusion that those poor are not worth and considered as trash. They would prejudice against those and blindly ignore. They only seek to their "true" purpose. People who live with sins are just bunch of Hell's fuel just like infidels.

What does the purpose of a religion to the world? Is it to make war like those in Iraq and Palestine? Is it the license to have genocide like Nazi, Serbians, and Turks?

I say God did not exists from the very beginning. It is only a crap that planted many years by those who prolonged by power. How to prove it? Simple, "God is benevolence" is a simple premise that hold true to religious. God teach us to do good things because He/She/It is.

Now, let me asked you, do you have hate because of your religion? Come on, be true to yourself!

As a Christian, you hate those that discriminate you and how church is closed easily while it was so hard to have it. You hate gays, punks, and others with rotten sin. As a Moslem, you hate Israeli and curse them and wished them to die. I don't know what other religion would seed hatred to its followers.

You see, religions are becoming root of many problems. It is the sole legitimation of people to have a feeling "hate those that different". It is the perfect prove to have vandalism actions are just. It is a right certificate to kill.

Is God dead that He/She/It let His/Her/Its people ruining His/Her/Its image? Or, is God really don't exist? Nevertheless, it is alright to think that God don't really matter/exist. Religious hatred mind is the reason that the follower themselves do it and it doesn't matter much.

People go for sex are to find a hiding place just like people would come to church/mosque/etc to pray. What would the cause of it? Sex is the thing that bring peace and ease of mind just like religion claimed to be. It has bigger attraction than seeking to God. It even can fulfill basic needs such as food, shelter, and clothes.

The only thing that the religious people of Indonesia can do is to capture those loving people, hard working people, and the lone people. Embarrest them in national televisions. Put them like animals in zoo where other religious people watch it and be satisfied. Thus, praying someday God will do His/Her/Its judgemental punishment against them.

If you asked me, the religious is the one who got the most sins. People are hurt, but what best they can do is to close the gates of Heaven and not letting those poor in.

Your way of life is making some people can't have decent work. Your way of life making some children lost their hope. Your way of life hurts people.

So, religious people, let me ask you a question again: Is your God really exist?


  1. Errm... Pascal's wager?

  2. Anonymous5:05 PM

    In my religion, God has quite different "definition". God is not defined as Omnipotent, rather described like a "rule" (such as known as cause and effect law).

    Omnipotent "feature" is mainly defined on Abrahamic religions. My religion is one of the "Eastern religions".


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