God's Little Prank

There were times in life you felt like deserted and you felt like the world caved in around you. Everything became nuisance and you f*cked up. Felt like the whole live that you journeyed had no end and you couldn't sought the light. Adding to the worst part where no friends were there when they were needed the most.

Heavy. Wished that you didn't in the position you were...

No way to run. Wished that you had wings to take you to another place, wished you were someone else.

In the end. You surrendered and turned out that everything were alright. In an instant, everything were possible. Boom! Miracle happened!

Welcome to God's candid camera. You've been pwnd. :P


  1. pengalaman pribadi kayanya nih jep

  2. Anonymous4:24 PM

    yeah kadang kalo lagi main the sims kepikiran juga, bagaimana ya kalau seandainya kehidupan ya gw jalanin skr ini merupakan bagian dari games yang dimainkan oleh sesuatu yg lebih higher ground lagi dr gw,, what my future would be like?


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