They say it was easy to do your stuff in PHP. Well, I have no clue how to do it. This is my (supposed to be a) function:

1. Read a jpeg
2. Convert the quality for $x amount to reduce space.
3. Base64 it
4. Check image size.
4. a. If image size > MAX_LEN then go to step (2) with $x lowered.
4. b. else encode with JSON then send it to client.

The objective is to have a BASE64 image with size bound to a certain size.

Already in my knowledge:
1. BASE64 en/decoding
2. Webservice and JSON stuff.
3. Convert via ImageMagicK

Not in my knowledge rite now:
1. Read/Write a file.
2. File length.

Comments are welcome.
Below are terms that I have learned past few weeks. !ATTENTION! I have those by experiences and by observations. Remember, OBSERVATIONS. No Gossip, please... :P

An Admin

Admins are the people behinds every companies fortune. They guard you yet they are transparent.

A Mild Atheist

Someone who knows that God is in control but still doubted The Lord's providential.

A True Love

True love never have a happy ending. True love never end.

A Most Loved One

A most loved one is the one that you don't have. Even if you have, you don't have it anymore.

A Most Dumbest One

A most dumbest one is someone who think so much.


Is a voice from the cliff. So loud that no one hears.
FKG: 31 Maret 2007, jam 10.00, di gedung FKG-UI lantai 4
FIB: 7 April 2007, jam 13.00, di gedung 9 FIB-UI
Psikologi: 14 April 2007, jam 16.00, tempat sedang dalam perencanaan
FE: 14 April 2007, jam 16.00-21.00, di Balai Mahasiswa UI-Salemba
(dalam konfirmasi)
FKM: 14 April 2007, jam 15.00, di Aula FKM-UI
FH: 15 April 2007, jam 15.00-19.00, di Aula Djoko Sutono FH-UI
FIK: 20 April 2007, pada jam dan tempat Persekutuan Jumat FIK-UI
FISIP: 21 April 2007, jam 09.00, di AJB FISIP-UI

28 APRIL 2007
Tema: "Dipilih untuk Menyatakan Terang" (I Petrus 2:1-17)

Irnanto 0818488761, Frits 081319917822
reuni_poui@yahoo. com

Komunitas cyber POUI:
Mailing list: oikumene_ui@ yahoogroups. com

Dukungan dana dapat disampaikan melalui:
BCA KCP Grand Bekasi a.n. Rinova Ria Susanti 8850421651
Bank Mandiri cabang Kalideres a.n. Mega Deborah Valentia
BNI cabang UI Depok a.n. Glorius Frits Taihuttu 0108570208

P.S: Mungkin Anda akan bertemu dengan cinta pertama atau cinta
terakhir Anda di acara reuni ini! Who knows?? Tapi ingat Matius
6:33, yang terutama carilah dahulu kerajaan Allah dan kebenaranNya,
yang lain itu bonus =)
Persekutuan Oikumene Universitas Indonesia (PO UI) telah melalui perjalanan yang panjang. Sebagai suatu wadah persekutuan kristiani, PO UI telah mengalami transformasi menjadi lebih dari sekedar tempat berkumpul orang-orang yang memiliki kerinduan untuk bersekutu menjadi wadah persekutuan bagi mahasiswa Kristiani. Telah banyak jiwa yang menemukan tempatnya di dalam Kristus dan mengalami kasih Kristus melalui pelayanan PO UI dan merasa diberkati oleh pelayanan PO UI.

Namun, PO UI bukanlah suatu organisasi yang berjalan begitu saja. Tantangan yang dialami oleh PO UI ke depan bukanlah tantangan yang dialami 40 tahun lalu. Perubahan zaman dan berbagai permasalahan sosial umat Kristiani membuat PO UI bertransformasi. PO UI menjadi tempat naungan persekutuan bagi seluruh umat Kristiani di Universitas Indonesia menjadi suatu pertanyaan yang krusial mengingat diversitas mahasiswa yang ada di Universitas Indonesia. Perubahan zaman yang menuntut kelulusan yang lebih cepat dan penerimaan PO UI terhadap diversitas gereja Tuhan (oikumene) adalah isu-isu yang menjadi perhatian bagi PO UI.

Sebagai lembaga yang bergerak dan berpusat kepada mahasiwa, PO UI memiliki visi untuk menjadikan alumni Kristen sebagai alumni yang takut akan Tuhan. Tiap generasi mahasiswa mewarnai pelayanan PO UI dan memancarkan api pelayanan Kristus di setiap masa mereka. Warna yang ditawarkan membuat setiap generasi memiliki keunikan yang membangun dan tantangannya sendiri menjadikan PO UI kaya akan pengalaman yang unik dan menarik.

Perjalanan PO UI selama 40 tahun bukanlah suatu perjalanan yang singkat. Buku 40 Tahun PO UI berusaha untuk menangkap perjalanan tersebut. Buku ini membahas mengenai lika-liku perjalanan, permasalahan yang dialami oleh PO UI, dan membukakan transformasi PO UI. Buku ini merupakan kumpulan tulisan yang ditulis oleh orang-orang yang telah mengalami kasih Kristus melalui PO UI sebagai refleksi pelayanan PO UI selama ini. Buku ini merupakan bagian penting dari acara Ibadah Paskah dan Reuni 40 Tahun PO UI.

Informasi mengenai buku dapat menghubungi:
Sdri. Hariati (Naga) di 081310461766.

Pemesanan dapat dilakukan dan pembayaran dapat ditransfer melalui:
BCA KCP Grand Bekasi
a.n. Rinova Ria Susanti 8850421651,

Mandiri cab. Kalideres
a.n. Mega Deborah Valentina 1180005226823,

BNI cab. UI Depok a.n. Glorius Frits Taihuttu 0108570208.

Acara Ibadah Paskah dan Reuni 40 Tahun PO UI akan diadakan pada:
28 April 2007
Pk.15.00 WIB s.d. selesai
Balairung UI, Depok
“Dipilih untuk Menyatakan Terang” (1 Petrus 2:1—17)
Pembicara: Pdt. Ir. V. Mangapul Sagala, M.Th.

Acara ini ditujukan bagi seluruh alumni dan mahasiswa Kristen Universitas Indonesia.

Panitia Reuni dan Ibadah Paskah POUI 2007.
Lately I was a busy person (playing WoW and DoTA) whom his devotional life deteriorating. But, I am moved as I were taking part of SMA 91 (91 Highschool) Bible Camp. After that Bible Camp, I remembered this particular song that was made popular by Antonius Hermawan (he just popularized it, not sang it ;P). Text taken from here.

Title: So You Would Come.
Singer: Hillsong Church.

Before the world began
You were on His mind
And every tear you cry
Is precious in His eyes
Because of His great love
He gave His only Son
Everything was done
So you would come

Nothing you can do
Could make Him love you more
And nothing that you've done
Could make Him close the door
Because of His great love
He gave His only Son
Everything was done
So you would come

Come to the Father
Though your gift is small
Broken hearts, broken lives
He will take them all
The power of the Word
The power of His blood
Everything was done
So you would come

I am amazed by the truthful story of each of senior student. How they were willing to confess their sins among the public, their juniors and their teachers. Almost all of them were healed.

There was a story of this young girl of her parents split out. But, after taking the Bible Camp last year, she have the courage to tell her mother about her feeling. At first, her mother was surprised, but then she gave her child a promise to change within a year. Now, not even a year they are a family.

There were many stories of the students holding grudges against their parent. Yes, I know it won't be a surprise. Although their parent are rich, there are something that they are missing. Some parent just don't know how to handle their child.

Some of the students feld of denials because of their parent lack of appreciation. Some of them hated their father/mother because of the bad mouth. Many just felt alone.

NOTE: Parent, watch your kid. Respect them and treat them as human. Your money means nothing to adolescene. Your attention is treasury.

Bible Camp Theme: Open Heart is a Beginning of Recovery (Keterbukaan Adalah Awal Dari Pemulihan)
1. Recovery of Father's Heart (Pemulihan Hati Bapa)
Many today's family are filled with broken figure of a father. Christianity described their God as a Father that loved His child. But, the broken figure has made an awful image about a father including The One That Love You So Much.

2. Heart Recovery
One mistake from the past can affect you for the rest of your life. This session is to clear all of the trauma from the past so you could walk as a new human being filled with good desires.

And many sessions...

Okay, in case anyone wondered how come I, an alumni of 81 Highschool, attending such occation. I definitely not a desperate whom wants to hook a Highschool girl. The spiritual teacher was one of my church' member and she asked me to help her.

The courage to be truthful of yourself was impressing me well. Their courage have made me realize what a bad Christian I was. I wasn't helpful enough for them because of my lack devotional life. I was one of the counselor (Pembina) but I didn't have enough courage to say something about devotional life, because I was lacking of that.

Well, many thing that I want to say about the Bible Camp. But, I think I am so lazy right now. But, I guess I would have Christian reflection entries on this blog from now on. I need to have a devotional life or I would fail as a Christian.
Thx to anyone who said that 300 is a great movie. It made my expectation high, so high that I was getting disappointment over this film. (I agree with Tino)

1. They bring the great name of Sin City creator of it.
And what is the result? The character was developed in an instant, i.e. no chara devel at all! What the heck? The drawing of the character is not strong enough. Leonidas was described as a Godlike person, which should be the drawing of King Xerces. And what was that legend of he killed a beast? Didn't that make him a non lover husband filled with lust and berserk? That was too much.

I even laughted (in my mind of course, I promised myself not to spoil the story) when the storyteller told about any single move he would made:
"His helmed is to bla.. bla.. bla.."
"His armor is too heavy, so he bla.. bla.. bla.."

This is like a humorous scene. The stereotype of joke movies where the storytelling goes beyond of that:

"His pants is to wetty he want to pee..." (You know what I mean if you watch the movie) :)

2. Great sinematography on the film.
Yeah, I thought of that at the beginning of the movie. I was amazed of how the film described the column formation to rally against the waving horde. It reminded me of the box formation of British shooters that have won against Napoleon's army.

But, the formation details was not long. This film was like a checklisted todo. They filmed the detailed realism but forgot to do that again in the rest of the movie. How annoying!

Their blood stain is beyond realism too. What the heck they are doing? They pictured the blood spilled from the body parts. But, none of them stained on the ground. Even the blood from the archers.

The dead of Leonidas was a replica of Hero.

How come their costume just like a barbaric tribes? AFAIK, at that time, the Greeks already have armory. Hmm.. I think they just want to make the Greek soldier more barbaric and macho. I just have to accept that.

The most disappointing part is when the son of the captain died. Where did the horse come? Where are the rest of his troops? And why he disappear after killing that man? Mistery.

Oh, well, there were good parts of the film that I like. The last part is the most. The coloring is great, full of painting. I like that.

Anyway, this film is good movie but not good enough to be a great one and a good one is the type of film which I watch in DVD, not in the theater.
Cara JP menemukan nomor telepon adiknya:
1. Look up nomor adik di buku telepon.
    Result --> Data tidak ada!
2. Look up nomor rumah di buku telepon.
    Result --> Data sudah tidak valid! (last update -/+ 9 years ago)
3. Look up nomor sodara di buku telepon.
    Result --> Data ditemukan!
4. Dial nomor sodara.
    Result --> Return nomor rumah.
5. Dial nomor rumah.
    Result --> Return nomor telepon adik.
6. Dial nomor adik.
    Result --> 90 00

Duh, gimana seandainya gw mesti nelepon temen?
(Thx buat temen2 yang jadi DNS.) ;P

PS: Tau bikinnya bukan berarti tau cara makenya khan?

EAID Scheme

AID Scheme:
5 bytes RID + 1 to 11 PIX


RID Format:

N1 | N2 | N3 | N4 | N5 | N6 | N8 | N9 | NA

For N1 (the first nibble):
0 .. 9 = Defined in ISO-7812
A = This ID is internationally registered
D = This ID is nationally registered
F = Not registered to any valid organization (fictious RID)

For N2 N3 N4:
These nibbles represent the country ID.

For N5 .. NA:
These nibbles are the ID of the company that holds this AID.


PIX is the Proprietary ID assigned by the company. This can be assigned without any restriction but the size.

Now, how about that?

Of course, you could just use any proprietary implementation of smartcard such as MULTOS. But, as far as I can see, the Sun's Java implementation of the smartcard have moved the card into different perspective. It has its own Security Channels and even beyond, objects not just flat files. Moreover, it is easily programmable (this is arguable because I haven't see another implementation of smartcard).

The questions addressed to Bank Indonesia as a part of their concern and to any company that would be a player in Indonesian smartcard: Are we ready for the thing? Are we already internationally accepted as one of the county that legitimately issued a card? Who would issue the AID?

Now, those are politics I dare not to touch. Not today. I suppose.


To any officials and any Indonesian player, if you would like to register Indonesia, I would like to propose UI as the first one. Please reserved these RID:
  • A0620001
  • D0620001
  • F0620001
If these still available. Btw, what is the country ID for indonesia? I just make up with the 062, that number is in use in telephony.

PS2: (Just a note of note, after I bumped in the CIA official site to find our legitimate country ID)
I honour and thankful for America for their agreement on our National Independence Day. Fyi, many countries agree that we have our Independence Day given by the Dutch after the last Agreement in Netherland in 1949 thanks to the stubborness mistake of Soekarno. Well, a good friend of mine could explain why...

Indonesia uses 360 as code number.
Just for memorizing, sukur2 ada yg ngerti n ngasih komen.

Command APDU
80 E6 0C 00 [Package AID len] [Package AID] [Applet AID Len] [Applet AID] [Instance AID Len] [Instance AID] 01 00 00 00

00 A4 04 00 [data e.g. "123456"] 00

Note on data: data is the object. Cmiiw.

5 Bytes RID + 3 Bytes PIX
5 Bytes of AID is assigned by ISO or by a country, which Indonesia not adequate, yet.

Note on RID:
If based on the rule written by Bank Indonesia, all of banks in Indonesia should have smartcard as their only card by 2009. Now, would they request their own RID? Well, the story of not so prepared of Indonesia.... Even by now they still hasn't decide of the standards (cmiiw). EMV anyone?

5 first Bytes of Applet AID must conform with the Package AID.

Javacard is compatible with ISO 7816. Data defined in ISO 7816-4

What the heck the P3 for?
CLA | INS | P1 | P2 |LC/Data | LE
Data | SW1 | SW2

Implementing different Security Channel.

MiFARE is in another ISO? Argh... !males baca mode on
Vista claiming itself as the only solution and disables any other compatitors. Errr...

The article:

and the actual revolter:

Hayo ngaku, sapa yang naro ISO di proxy? Bikin orang se-UI gak bisa login ;P

Untung ane gak pulang. Ntak hapus koe punya ISO, huehehehe...
Hehehe... gara2 di somasi sama DepX, produsen rokok menarik dukungan terhadap Republik Mimpi. Tapi, anehnya ada BUMN P yang malah jadikan Republik Mimpi sebagai duta listrik.

Dunia yang aneh ato cuman perasaan gw? Yang pasti, gw tetep dukung negri kite... hehehe, Merdeka!
Ask not what your country can gives, ask what you can give to your county.

-- Kennedy

A mere nationalism broadcasted from United State to her children. The mother once again regained her children a big hug. Clapping hands and a burning desire was once again in their path. They owned their mother. Everyone was touched that day.

If you asked common Americans about their country, boastings to the fullest would be the answer. How they are agreed that their country is the best country in the world.

And how could it be?

America is not perfect. They have Bronx and southern region. Not everyone goes to college. They have KKK. Their defenses are not that good, 9/11 proves that. Furthermore, they have taxes.

Speaking of taxes, Britain, especially England, as the most high tax in the world have the most dignity to their country. They still have a monarchy and they have hooligans. But, why they love their county so much?

Both of Americans and British folks have the same thing that keep their children loving them. It is the sense of belonging. The freedom of speech and the freedom to express their thinking is the best thing that any common people could ever have. Those governments ensure each of their citizens have the ability to express their feeling and thought.

I know, there are aspects that those governments doesn't permit any extension of free to speech. But, their laws stating otherwise, so everyone can be protected against any threat that would put their mouth into silence.

That's what they believe and their TV shows amuse them with the implementation. Many shows entertained people with laught while they were mocking their queen and their presidents. Under these shows, people are contended with the feeling of their voice still recognised. Of course, the actively speaking congress people also the factor of sense of belonging.

Now, look what happens in this country, Indonesia. The congress is only a huge pig eating people's money. The past reggime makes people too afraid to send their critics in the media. The officials can make jokes of the law without ever touched. Many people that promised have shouted their mouth.

So, in what way people are to be heard?

The one important term of Republic is this type of country is a people's country. Republic is the country where the leader is the people. Indonesia, if I'm not mistaken, is a Republic. A country which held by the people and for the people. Indonesia is not a vassal countries nor a land of no master. But, why we, the common people of Indonesia, feels that way?

Why am I still feels like my freedom is not what I have? Why I feel that this is not better than the time of Colonials?

Yeah, sure, the government is held by the Dutchess. But, it is our own people who sold us into slavery. If you read the history right, it wasn't the Agraria Law that sold people. It was the vassal folks that sell our grand fathers and grand mothers to the distant land. And because of the writing of a cared Dutch so this practice put into the end.

Now, I love this country and I believe there are ways to make this country a better place. But, when the right of people to speak and express theirself is captivated, so what's left of this country to have?

If Kennedy were here and stated his voice as Indonesian, would the Indonesian burnt their spirit and cheered that? Or would the people just said:
Yeah, I would definitely give my life fully to my country. But, do I have one?
Gw baru tahu kalo Depkominfo melakukan somasi terhadap Republik Mimpi. Tadi malam pas gw nonton, gw terkejut. Kok, banyak banget yang datang tadi malam (Minggu, 4 Maret 2007). Aih, ternyata satu-satunya tayangan non-berita yang bermutu ini sedang melancarkan dukungan terhadap acara ini.

Gw nonton episode minggu kemaren pas si Menteri Rakyat Miskin (cmiiw) menyindir tentang BLBI minggu kemarin. Ah, masak begitu aja tersinggung pemerintah? Tapi, sejak kemunculan Suharta, Kerajaan Mimpi (A.K. Republik Mimpi) memang gw rasa makin dihalangi. Hehehe... takut dibecandain kali, yah.

Terus terang, gw pendukung Gusdur dan kalo misalnya Gusdur gak dijegal pas kemaren pemilu, gw pasti memberikan suara ke dia. Terus terang, acara ini yang justru membuat gw simpati dengan SBY dan JK. Apalagi mereka membuktikan diri kalo mereka mau disentil. Tapi, gara2 somasi ini, gw jadi gak simpatik lagi sama pemerintahan ini.

Gw tahu kalo gak dilakukan tebang pilih, maka akan banyak dana di Indonesia yang lari ke Singapura atau negara lain seperti sewaktu awal reformasi. Itu sebabnya pemerintah melakukan tebang pilih. Karena, orang2 yang punya duit itu punya kuasa untuk menggerakkan orang2 untuk melakukan kerusuhan dengan modal per orang Rp. 20.000,00, just like that bloody May. Gak bego-bego amat, kok, gw buat tahu bahwa pemerintah Indonesia di bawah ancaman para bekingan pengemplang BLBI sehingga pemerintah dalam posisi meminta bukan mengambil.

Acara seperti Republik Mimpi-lah yang memberikan nasionalisme yang benar kepada rakyat banyak. Tahun 1945 s.d. 1949 membuktikan hal itu! Ketika itu rakyat memberikan dukungan kepada pemerintahan Indonesia yang notabene cuman bermodalkan kain sotoh dan omongan mimpi Bung Karno. Tapi, rakyat menyukainya. Aceh memberikan modal untuk pesawat pertama Indonesia. Arek Suroboyo memberikan putra-putrinya untuk menyatakan kepada U.N. bahwa Inlander telah memiliki tanahnya sendiri.

Memang, perlindungan kepada mereka yang memiliki modal itu perlu, terlepas apakah mereka mendapatkannya dari cara yang tidak halal. Akan tetapi, perlindungan terhadap pemain lama KKN itu menghadirkan masalah baru, yakni munculnya pemain-pemain baru. Parahnya, kini pemain2 itu tidak lagi terkendali seperti di masa lalu (pasca pemerintahan Presiden Soeharto).

Ah udah deh.. ntar gw maki2 Depk*m****. Gak semua dari departemen itu yang jahat. Mereka cuma perlu disekolahin aja supaya ngerti baca tulis sehingga mereka tidak terlalu bodoh untuk dapat menggunakan produk berbasis perangkat lunak terbuka.

Lagian, tapi bisa apa gw? Gw ini cuman orang miskin. Bisa sekolah juga karena didanai oleh orang tua. Gw emang baru cuma bisa mimpi.
How is it feel to be a human?

Trembling each day without a notice from other, yet hiding in a hill of pride.
Loosing self each day seems like a definition of self.
Looting in a twilight of heart, finding self concious in a mechanism of destruction.
Blinded, but walking as if there is a road a head.

Man got to be a tiger to tame a kitten.
Hurting inside yet insists on role playing.
Roaring the name yet forgotten the game.
Resulting loses of a war just for a win of a battle.

Pride is the cause, is it?
May it something that deep inside? The struggle for existence?

You play your dice well, but you have to loose your bet.
Remember the game and knows the well, yet forget how to win.

What is a winning end for you have lost a lot?

Who are you, anyway?