Strenghtening Your Code

Okay, I think I will stop the emotional entry, three consecutive is a more than enough evidence to prove that we, "immortals", do have feeling. XD

Many projects I have seen had been screwed up with various bugs and flaw. This especially got to do with the not so well designed applications. Further investigation even make it severe! Some part were even taken from example codes tempered with their own code and creating delicious Italian food, spaghetti.

There is nothing wrong with example code. But you should ask yourself, have their code written with good behavior? Many vendors written their code just to make the code readable by common people so people would see the big picture of how to use their library. When it comes to real world, there are more base condition to make.

I am a commoner with Java in hand, so there are some potentially misleading features of C/C++ that were not in Java, such as memory management, pointers, low levels, and many more that Java programmer would know. But, you should be aware that C/C++ is a mid level programming, so you sometimes must think of the machine you are deploying.

Programming in Java also quite challenging. The 40+ MB of JRE making us sometimes must be aware of. Swing and threads also give us some love to think over.

The real abusing about Java is the Exception handling. It was a nice feature, and it still is. Many young darings (except me and few of course, I'm still young, too) abuse it by forgetting to clean any job, roll back any process, etc. Some extend it to a greater threat, making the whole application unpredicted states, making it a perfect nest for Hemiptera.

A tips for Exception handling: You may want to throw it and catch it later, but you *must* catch it anyway. I prefer to catch it on the critical part of the program, usually in a sub module, not the main menu. Sometimes, whether you use your own design or use third party libraries, Exception can be part of the program to handle some predicted flaw. So, it can be used to tell where the wrong etc.

*tiba2 males*
To be continued...*

*If time permits and I am not so lazy.


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