Carrefour Must Know This

According Kompas in "Pelanduk Berjuang Melawan Gajah", traditional market people have loosing their rights in the courthouse in a trial against P.D. Pasar Jaya, the contractor, and them. At first, the sellers protesting against the new kiosk price which is not so good. According to the seller, the real value of the new kiosk only Rp 3.10 million while they sell it at the cost of Rp16 -Rp60 million. Now, the worst part is, according to the story, Carrefour will also inhabited the place within the same building. So, this would make the seller collapse, because they sell the same thing.

What concern me is that they are the victims of heavy fire back in the August 2005. They are trying to build their precious living back again. How could they fight against a multinational company with great IT system and vast infrastructure?

It is a hard living. They must face the "unofficial" fee and gangsters that often ask retributions from them. And now, if this is true, they must fight against big company. In this battle ground where their resource is limited they would likely fighting a loosing fight.

Btw, the place were named "Pasar Melawai" now would be "Blok M Square".

I wish that Carrefour know this matter and consider their investment for the sake of humanity.


  1. Bukan Pasar Melawai (eh.. Pasar Melawai itu yang dekat jalan, kan?), Jepe...
    mantan Aldiron Plaza dan sebelahnya (kalau gak salah termasuk Lipstik Diskotik) yang terbakar tahun lalu.

    para pedagang di Ciledug juga sedang protes menentang kehadiran Carefour.


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