Oh, No....

I wish not to say goodbye to Con Kolivas. His idea of making linux desktop more responsive is so great. I know I am far too late to say this. He's been out since July... :(

I've been there since the beginning 2.4 kernel patch release and very satisfied with his patch. There are many patches out there, but I know his is the one that I would not miss. Ah, how I miss the:

# bzcat patch-ckN.bz2 | patch -Np1
# make clean
# make menuconfig
# make
# make install
# make modules_install

Or just make-kpkg magic.


  1. kambing nya di update dong jepe :P

  2. gw sih fine2 aja. Cuman, gw kasihan sama yang lagi download di tengah2.


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