Justification Cost (Computer vs Women)

How do you justify a relationship? Well, if you want a good investment, you could have rigid calculation of things. Too many people harshly invest their time and money not gaining anything from it.

Here's the big picture of having a women and a computer.

#1 Relationship

With a computer, you could extends your relationship, be it having an anynomous relationship or maybe extending your network without a comitment.

With a women, you must cut some of your relations, especially with other women. Anywhere you go, you must kinda like putting a big banner warning: SOLD. Of course that would be different if you have the ability to mask yourself. But, it even you in that player.

#2 Gathering

With a computer, you could hang out all nite partying with all boys camp, share any Tokyo Hot collections, or just tweak the computer your computer.

You cannot tweak your women that easily if it goes with women. Even, you are scheduled to have "setor muka" sessions every precious Saturday where you could probably watch ESPN with hommies and see England fall. [hehehe.. peace, ah - Alam]

#3 Downtime

With a computer, every time she hangs, she could be persuaded to do reboot or you could force her to do so. Even if you must shut her down and take any part of her and replace with a new one, she won't whine. The down time would be the way you could handle her. You could examine and see what goes wrong and having the right prediction.

You ULTIMATELY CANNOT DO SO with a women. If she have a downtime, it could go for days even weeks. You are suddenly secluded from the world. Any contact would probably 99% goes into junk or deleted unaccidentally. You cannot predict what's wrong with her and you are crippled to do any examination. So, you only can play with premonitions in mind, which sadly could end up in a termination of relationship.

#4 Infrastructure Cost

Computer cost you a Rp200.000,00 (Fast Media) per month for you to connect and approximately Rp50.000,00 per month for electricity. With Rp10.000.000,00 you could get a dream computer. You could use her for projects and gain back your investment

A women would cost you approximately Rp1.000.000,00 per month for get her out, not included any potential that goes to cost. To get a dream women, you sometimes must sells your pride which is priceless. You, normally, cannot use your women for any project. Even if you dare enough to do so, your pride would, again normally, hurt and the amount cost of fixing it takes amount of time and of course money.

#5 Purpose

You use your computer for productivity, social, and many more.

You use women for, I cannot even know what for. Unless she's your wife, you cannot use her for production of lives known as children. Well, I manage to inventore few of them:
  1. To prove that you are not a gay. But, that's not a prove that you aren't a pervert.
  2. To have someone that care for you.
  3. To have someone that can understand you. Getting a Venus to understand a Marsian? Hmm.. now I know one of the reason why fellow Marsians tag along these days.
  4. To have a future together.
  5. To win your pride. This sometimes the women doesn't understand.


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