I hate browser's auto focus (though my evil sight dwells, hehehehe). I mean, isn't it annoying when you typed your password and then it bulb in the username. Ups, by accident you pressed ENTER button and you are using public internet cafe... Voila, with autocomplete, your password is stored and nice ppl can see your password... Hehehe... I mean, *REALLY* nice guys like me who don't sell any of your email to spammers, use it to be registered to some weird site, or use it to anonymize site to crack around the globe using sum1 id.

Why not browsers checked any activities from input dev (such keyb, moz, etc) and sniffing any changin' in forms and stop the auto focus?

This is one of the issues of USABILITY.

GNOME have their own usability project that make any apps in gnome standardised.

Mind ur UI and apps behavior when developing new s/w.

Well, this is the opening, I am gettin' bored here. So, maybe next time I'll post what I learned.


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