I was hospitalised last week because of air stuck in my chest, pressing my right lung.

It was sure a not^3 very good exp. You know, having your chest drilled and plugged with cateter, sure felt like Roboman... Btw, I hate local anesthesy! I can still saw they drew a hole from my body and I just watched my right chest spilled blood! And then, you could see a cateter planted to your body. Yeah, nice exp (he2x I didn't look there anyway...).

Btw, my mother said I was brighter when my buddies came. So, I must thanx to all of you who gave me strength. To all my buddies in Fasilkom, thx alot! They came and gave me comfort. Thx also my buddies that didn't come. Your SMS and prayers helped me alot. Sorry just can answer 3 alphabeths. THX.

My doctor still doesn't know what the cause of my illness. He still think I am a junkie. Hah, another misjugded people....

Am I a wheedcracker? ;-(


  1. Kekekekekeke.... junkie... indeed, a dota junkie -_-#

  2. Arnold5:08 PM

    Good to hear that PE...
    Are you ready to fight me Jakiro.. :D

    I'm excited to wait the moment... =))

    Pe, jgn pulang malem terus...

  3. yeee jepe dah sembuh....
    hehe, muka beler, badan ceking, pucet, celong-->junkie :))

    semangat jepe!!

    oi yang ngajakin jepe main dota, kira2 yeee mainnye


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