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Fariz RM:"musik Indonesia dulu susah dibuat susah jg dilupakan. Skrg gampang dibuat gampang pula dilupakan"
Translation, Indonesian music was hard to make and hard to forget. Today's is easy to be made as well to be forgotten.

The My Simplified Response

What he meant might be the Indonesian mainstream music.  Because there are lots of Indonesian music out there that aren't that easy.

There are genres like Indie, traditionals, experimentals and not forget, my fave, religious.

You know why religious song is my fave?

There is no way you could sing a religious song with faking the feeling. It resounds in the mixing. It will be revealed whether you just freaking sing it or you go with it. And that is why, my friend, a music.

You can't say all Indonesian music suck.

And to all of you that produce music, especially you who degenerating Indonesian music:

How could you? You were raised with great music and you repay that with presenting crap to this generation?

[I have a longer response but name was included, not really proper way to say]


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