A dissapointment Indeed

Diablo 3 requires Internet connection just to play single player.

Luckily, I was not that impulsive when it was released. Heck, now I don't have a reason to continue to build the almighty PC. Now, what should I do with component that I had already bought?


  1. Well, you can still build the almighty PC while waiting for someone to provide no-internet-connection crack for it, then buy the original and crack it. It's kinda stupid, but what else can people do?

    1. It's not that simple. Diablo 3 has turned into a server-based content delivery like WoW. People need to build private server like Mangos project, which is not just a simple patch, if want to play offline. Take a large amount of time just to be able to have a decent one.

      I know the original devs are out and build Sacred and Blizzard is now part of Activision. But, to soil the name of one of their legendary title with this. I just lost my word for it.

  2. What's that component? GPU? Well you can hand it over to me at any time :p


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