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Why did the chicken cross the street?

I found two amusing cases in Indonesia. One is the failed session of academic discussion on UGM because of some NGOs threats. The reason is simple, the speaker is a lesbian. Another one is about Marzuki Alie's speech on UI. He was accused that he was blaming universities, ICMI (Islamic scholars association) and HMI (Islamic students association) for the source of corrupts.

The UGM and NGO

The first one is actually a real problem of what Indonesia face now. The shifting phase from a melting pot country into fragmented cultures. Since Soeharto regime downfall, many extremists risen. Some says this is an international conspiracy since Indonesia once was the third axis after the West block and the East block. I don't buy this kind of argument, although it might have the possibility.

My generation is the result of Soeharto regime. He made us forget of our mother's tongue. Although I'm Batak, I don't know how to fluently speak Bataknese. I once asked my father, why I don't have family name in my birth certificate? He said, at that time it is forbidden to use family name.

The result of this dictate is bad. But, the bright side of it is there is no other country in the world where multicultural races gather as close friends and talk naturally just like in Indonesia. I've been in Malaysia, their Bumiputera, Chinese and Indians didn't hang out together like us here.

Of course, this wasn't the work of Soeharto regime alone. Thank God that Indonesian have great founding fathers. They set "Bhinneka Tunggal Ika" as the foundation of this country. It means, "Unity in Diversity". It was a beautiful picture of what Indonesia should be.

Anyway, as I said, this dictatorship is a failed attempt. We learnt, after Broz Tito died, Yugoslavia torn apart into civil war. This happened also in Indonesia. Many people who were suppressed came to surface and making their loud voice. Many movement including the radical Islamic view, "Wahabians", sipping into the Indonesian territory.

Do I have to hate Islam for that?

I don't think so. Predated into the era before crusades, Moslems had advance civilizations. The modern world should be thankful for that because they preserved the Greek philosophy and the creative thinking. They were talking about astronomy, math and philosophy while many Europeans still herding. The Ottoman empire was the last remnant of it.

Unfortunately, after the crusades many extreme Fatwas brought up. And the history goes on with hatred piling up. The World Wars, oil and the new economy brought conflicts into new level. And now, the world is engulf with this modern warfare with religions brought upon it.

Why I said this is modern?

It was Uncle Sam whom taught the regimes in the Middle East. The Afghanistan Mujahideen was taught by USA. That includes Osama that somehow along the way bite back. Btw, Bin Laden is one of the wealthy family in Saudi Arabia. It was a recent hatred that brought the world into a new war.

I'm still amazed (in the shocking way) on how this proxy war brought upon our country. Why we fight each other against our own kin? Why must blood spilled over some distant land affairs?

I still remember back in the high school, my friend and I were once built a webmaster club. There was this weird junior whom join our team and didn't done anything significant. I was curious and check our computer at that time.

Shockingly, I found many propaganda images on that computer. Many of them was disturbing. What I still remember is a photo of a corpse of an old man with his mouth ripped apart. The tag of the photo was, "is this man deserve this?"

WTF, dude? Going into the hospital and taking picture of corpses and post it in the Internet is not cool. Totally sick and nonreligious. And there he was, a victim of this propaganda, using our club property to download these brainwashing contents.

The era of Fiqh and the era of extreme Fatwas are both distant past. Unfortunately, the later survived into the modern time. It was rejuvenated by wrong foreign policy from a certain country. In its way, it proxified into other countries.

Thus, the UGM incident.

The Marzuki Alie

If I have the power in the world, Marzuki Alie is in my top list of shutting down people. His uneducated talk sometimes made me sick. And I wonder why he wasn't kicked out from Legislative (I don't think DPR should be called People's Representative when it is not).

But, in this case, the media need to apologize to Marzuki Alie. He wasn't doing anything wrong. His satire joke was about to criticize of what could be missing in current education system. And that was it. He said it in front of academic people, not in front of uneducated. That's why, we got the joke.

I don't say that all of the people in higher education bright. But, it is an academic nature to question anything, analyze anything and making scientific conclusion about it. Good joke is good joke even if it is anti-chicken or dark humor.


That's right, education is important. If not, this country will be brainwashed and we will fall into civil war.


There are things that I would like to write, but I have lost interest.


  1. As they said: haters gonna hate... :p

    1. Hahaha... Hail, his excellency and his foul mouth.


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