Rightfully Whose?

A post in 9gag, "Story of Palestinian" made a thread with debates over and over.

From the post's comments (a lot of them just from a thread!), I found out these stereotypes:
  1. Israeli thinks they depend themselves because the Arabs starts the war. Besides, the Palestinian bombing them with rockets.
  2. Palestinians thinks that they were oppressed because the Israel.
  3. Some Europeans who comment support Palestinians.
  4. Some Jews and Palestinian want peace each other. [which is actually the real opinion, I think.]
You know why this is a stereotype? Because the hate take the argument one sided and almost all have it. I as a spectator from outside then take a note.

Some comments from Isreali debunked the European by telling them, "you ain't live here. You know nothing!" Well, I'm Indonesian and feel the question also for me. Why do I care about this conflict far thousands of Kilometers away?

Simple, because they proxy the war here!

Each day radical people being born here. Many people leave Indonesian culture for Middle East culture. They also trying to rob Indonesia out of our own culture. They also try to tarnish the peace built here. Each day I see the peaceful country crumble one by one because of this extreme radicalism.

It seems Indonesia have put radicals on command and our lovely President just take a silence.

I myself, if not by the God and the knowledge I have, would put myself in the hate. Who wouldn't? Every now and then I would hear churches getting shutdown here. Not just some churches, even my own church is also in the fear of getting closed.

So, yeah, I do believe I have a right to know what happens thousand kilometers away on a far away country that I haven't see at all and people that I can't relate to.

Anyway, here's what I have gathered.

It is the Hammas that done the rocket bombing to provoke Israel. Hammas rules the Gaza strip and is a new party on Palestine. At the time before Israel election, the Israel answered back. Thus, it bombeb a cramped area which inevitably kills the civilians. Thus, both sides gain support. Win-win solution.

The Arabs don't like Hammas nor any radical movement because they could endanger the Arab monarchy. Words said that the Iranian government who would fund them. Since Saddam have been shut off because of Bush's little vengeance from his father, the balance tip off and Iran becomes a country feared even by the Arabs.

If you asked me who the real peace seeker, I would think of two persons: Isaac Rabin and Yasser Arafat. Unfortunately, both are assassinated. Poor them. Both of them have the ideal thinking of sharing which should be the real answer!

Both of the Israeli and Palestinian are suffering. Add this with religious zealotry and some hidden agendas, many wound will be added. Thus, a new hate will generate another hate.

The solution is trying to open the door to each other. Promote justice and shut the politician off. Asking sorry and admitting each other mistake. A rosy idealism which would never take off if the world died. But, it is possible if the people choose to do so.

Now, can the people stand up?


  1. Gw pernah di Israel n Palestina ... benar apa yang elo bilang, mereka intinya sih pengen hidup damai, ga peduli tuh negara jadi negara Israel aja, atau Palestina aja, atau dipecah dua, Israel dan Palestina. Kata mereka, masalah negara itu masalah politik, sudah bukan masalah rakyat lagi. Dulu anak2 bermain2 tanpa kenal mereka arab atau yahudi, ga ada beda2nya. Sekarang mereka terbagi2 dan terpisah dengan keluarga mereka.

    Perang intinya itu ego penguasa. Rakyat yang ada cuman menikmati kesengsaraan.

    1. Anonymous9:30 AM

      Iya, Lin. Kadang-kadang media justru memotretnya berbeda...



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