Miss Few Things

Hmm.. blogging while deadline. Yep, there's nothing than the ol' way of ditching responsibility with blogging. Stress!

Why do we have representative in Senayan when they aren't? For the sake of few, they like to pissing off. Never have been in my life I've struggle with the idea of Indonesia. I have been the type of person who love this country so much that I endure to do anything what I think is best for this country. I have never felt not belong in this country. Those *tard, they can only have sex and bling-bling just like rappers.

Hammas don't admit Israel independence. Hammas rocketing Israel for two consecutive weeks, Israel angry and strikes back. Hammas only have militia attacking from civilian area, so how Israel suppose to fight back? Fattah is the real deal, but they don't win the election. After Yasser passed away, they don't have enough ground as majority and often have different view with Hammas, so they can only watch and lobbying. Why can't those three live together?

I don't felt it's X-Mas. I dunno, I'm in high tension but nobody ever asked why. I wished I was not that care, but then I realized that caring is something that spice up life from deadly boring. Their childish act really hurts my heart because they can ruin the thing that we all built for years.

Why don't they realized that they are leaders now, not just as ordinary persons. Don't they realized that even I, the most neutral and the one who was always stood and watched, take action myself? Didn't they realize that what they did is totally wrong?

Year 2008 is the year of despair for my work. The other department is put their hands off, but it is them all the wrong starts. Never have been in my life I'm thinking of redesign of my life to be more selfish. Why can't I be selfish?

Yeah, that's the notorious question of rhetoric of myself battling against my-desperate-self.

No, I'm not trying to be an emo or whatsoever. Just trying to be honest for myself because lately many things made me can't put myself in the right responsible. To be precise, I can be next *hole.

What I've got from the whole thing is, too many dosage of *holes pissing you off may make you mad and be yet another *hole. So, yeah, kinda realize that I have to endure for the sake of other that may not have been infected.

On side note, there are some positive note. I truly admire SBY for his achievement and his amazing staff that trying to put this country together. Also, TEMPO (the real deal) have taking 10 excelent leaders with high achievement deeming my thought of Indonesia. Yes, there is hope in them. KPK, though it being pushed harshly right now, continue to amaze me with their effort of pushing the limit.

I can't change the world, but I can change. Nope, the answer is not to change, if they are changing, I will not change. Relatively, I am change, but I'm still the same, only I'm not with them. I will not be the next *hole.


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