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Been infected by dengue, I can't go anywhere. Just, keep in bed and taking my blood examined everyday (damn, my hand just like a drug user).

Well, before I'm getting passed out, here a link:

It's a great post by a Jewish DD (Debian Developer). Truly, many more like him and middle east will be at peace and we stop hating Jewish or Hamash or whatever-you-can-hate-of.

From that post, you can see that many of the things that happen in this world are truly beyond simple matters. It is complicated by beliefs that installed from the childhood of man (and woman).

Imagine if you are a zionist and everyday your parents, neighbours would call "To Jerusalem" to you. Imagine if you are a Palestinian who live under the hood and your leader always telling you that Isreali take away your land. So, the point taken to...

I know that each sides have been hurted, and religions just screw things up. But, as the blog post says, if the Israeli and the Palestinian can try to respect each other, the dialog would come a better place.

Anyway, those are the problem of foreign country. Indonesia still have a lot problem and the crutial one is

Corruption Commission Law (Undang-undang KPK)

For those of you whom don't notice, Judicial review of corruption law enforce DPR to take Corruption Commision Law as a seperated law, not just "nyempil" in some law.

What's the crutial thing?

2009 is the time limit of the new law must be made. If the new bill is off the deadline, then, EVERY CORRUPTION TRIALS THAT BEING HELD OF KPK WILL BE BROUGHT TO COMMON TRIALS. Which means, every corruptor out there will have the chance to escape punishment as we know that KPK always get its target right.

KPK will not be able to do what it's marvelously doing right now. As it is now being crippled by the legislators.

Doh! I think I'm about to faint.

Hmm.. time to take my medicine.


  1. cepet sembuh pe :P

  2. get well soon jg...

    seharusnya lu menggunakan tenaga lu untuk post2 yg jorok donk ach

  3. cepat sembuh pe supaya bisa jadi anggota DPR buat ngesahin UU KPK :D

  4. cepet sembuh jep

  5. Kucing Garong5:38 PM

    Jp,kemaren gw keliling2 cari rumah loe ... kesasar bos ... well ... cepet sembuh bos, ruangan lagi kita renov nih supaya si nyamuk pindah ke ruangan lain aja :P wakaka

  6. @all:
    Thx buat supportnya. :)

    not enough energy coy. Keburu trombosit gw abis :D

    @Kucing Garong:
    Yah, setidaknya kita sudah bertemu di "rumah". :D


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