A Sweet (Bitter) Life [A Christian Article]

This is a usual conversation:
B: Are we alive?
A: Yeah, we do.

B: How would you know that we are alive?
A: Because we are created by God and live by grace.
A: What about you?

B: So, do you feel alive?
B: I'm in a pain.

A: Why?
B: You know, because I played football yesterday and my finger hurts. :P
A: WTF? (*!$(_#@. I thought it was real!
B: LOL. :P

Well, that's because the person is hurt, but no one have ever listen. The person perceive a sense that nobody should be bother with the person's life. So, the person decide to hide it and change the topic to have the usual subject.

The person stays to choose ignoring the fact that the heart is broken. With hope, uneasiness, and delusion that someday will be okay, the person decide to walk forward. Waiting for the day where the person can smile because life embracing the person, making the person to be able to smile again, only at that day it's coming from the deepest part of the person's heart.

As for today, the person can only waiting. Put layers of smile, clinging to the hope of that time will come. Sometimes that smile becoming a smirk when no other people sees.

Are you that person?

How about if I tell you just to let it go and starts smile. God's loving us so much that He Himself comes to this forsaken world. Jesus has the power to do miracle.

Now what is a miracle?

To average person, miracle means when someone comes from the death, a very sick people becomes healed, and business becomes well.

But, did you know that what is actually the miracle of Jesus?

When a splitted family reunite again.
When a broken heart comes new again.
When a stabbed person can accept and forgive the stabber.
When a bad person that no one would be like to be associate with the person, embracing God.

To put it simple, what Jesus' miracle is:

To help a person to make a right decision: choose to have a happy life.

PS: Do you know that we have the right to be happy?

[This article I decided to write because people only know that today is the May Day, the international labor day. But, actually this is the day of the celebration of Jesus went to heaven.]


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