Blabber of My Mind

Hmm... today I setup a network which turned to be that the problem was with the network provider. Well, my friend has asked to have 4 public IPs, so the provider allocate new IP range. The important is, when the contact person himself gave up to solve our problem so he gave me direct contact of an Admin. Yeah, this is kinda awkward conversation of remained me of who am I.

"Hello, I am directed here by [CP GUY] to ask about our network. We are assigned by you with the [IP RANGE] with gateway [GW IP]."

T3h Ub312:
"Ow, okay. Are you using [CURRENT IP ADDRESS I USED]."

"Yes. What seems the problem"

T3h Ub312:
"Please wait a moment, I will check the IP."

"Okay, when can I call you back?"

T3h Ub312: [with higher tone]
"I have many things to do, must check firewalls and routers."

/me: {omgwtf, I was just asking to ask so that I could hung up the phone}
"Urgh... alright then. Thank you."

Wtf with the higher tone? He could just took some lame excuse and I still reconsidered it. But, then again as a fellow Admin, I realized that I was too have difficulties with people. Sometimes, people would nagged you all the way. So, that's why we are called Admin, we don't need to be in the frontline. Okay, I don't mind that, since maybe my asking also rude. So, I went home.

About abusive users, those lamers that could only nagging about something. Well, I have a quite dirty thinking: How about if we, Kambing and FOSS-ID, took the liberty of refused to working on our, using Feha's term, tertiary projects. I wonder what would happen? I mean, come on, some of them are meanie persons that blame us of being imperfect and acting bossy. They don't pay us, don't even contribute, using public forums to flame us. But, then again, those whom being constructive, asking nicely, and encourage us through public forum will also be the victim. Oh, well, I don't like to see the half empty part of a glass.

As my thought wandering, I also have had rude behavior and have spoken out of line. Yeah, I do regret those words. Well, there are part of us that want to blame someone/something for some unfortunate things that happened to us. :P


Yeah, am a proud member of People of Childish Behavior.


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