Name That Shalt Forbidden

If you have a child, don't ever take following names as the child name. Not these names are bad luck, but they can bring misfortune to today's technology, or we call it IT.

#1 A Name That Shall Be An Anonymous.

Don't name your child as "John Doe" or "Jane Doe". The name is restricted in use of example and considered by smart IT people as non-existence name. It will not be considered and any forms that required to input a name will reject that given name. Do you wish your son/daughter to have a discriminative act as he/she cannot sign up for the given service because of a name?

#2 A Name That Failed To Sanitize

Don't name your child as "drop table", "die", "echo", or any reserved words of programming. You will never know when a programmer decided to not sanitize an input. Any names that isn't ASCII would also bring misfortune in these UTF-8, althought a name in name of a foreigner is alright in their own system. Would you like to have your son/daughter have their name missing because their application files cannot be copied into the registrar computer because of their weird characters?

So people, do consider a name for your child. If people of the past think a name is a luck for the child, we at least do consider name as a way to have our child services that given in this era of Internet.


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