Indonesian Network System

Iang[1] was messaging me about the map of hyperspeed internet connection [2] found in Global Lambda Facility map publication. [3]

As you can see, we Indonesia are in the middle of nowhere. If only government have the urge to push its regulation to have join IT implementation especially in network connection. With the Indonesian government having comitment with IETS to have all of Indonesian area connected with Internet in 2015, Indonesian government have the potential to restructurized the network topology here.

Now, the momentum is right. With the Palapa Ring project ongoing[3], we should have build the grand infrastructure to support these gigantic network. This is the time when Indonesia have the long vision to support information-based business. After all, this Palapa Ring should have the vision of many years to come which comes with the need of multimedia capability.

At least, can't we just put two lines and become a hub to Australia and Hongkong. Besides, we can bargain that we have the resource to connect with India also via Circum Atlantic (cmmiw). We have the bargaining, we have the strategic place, we are in the middle of them. It put us in the middle of nowhere.

So, who will stand up and have a will to do so? Yeah, it needs the corps of Indonesia. Thus, the momentum of 100 year should be enough to put down ego.

People, we need 1 Indonesia.

[2] [1.8MB!]


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