OTW 2 IGOS Summit II: The Path

Yeah, if I wasn't committed to the IGOS Summit 2, I will never come! Seriously, this is the first time I have ever come out myself to a show or something and the first time in history that I would go to many distant places, Campuss -> Home -> IGOS Summit -> Depok. Yeah, call me antisocial but, if it wasn't for the IGOS, I would never go anywhere.

At first, I felt reluctant to go to the Summit, especially I have woke up at 5 AM. I always in bad mood if I have to wake up early. But, I have boast to everyone, including Pak Ibam, FT, etc that we must get as a monumental for the open source movement. So, I couldn't take back my own words. Simply not me.

The thing that made me even mad along the way is the fare for public transportation (Angkot) which increasing fairly high. I have to take at least three terminals before reaching home. Thanks God we have TransJakarta Bus Way System. It save a lot. But, if the fare really this high, I'd rather choose to own my own transportation and stop on campaigning using public transportation.

Well, I have met something interesting, especially in Dukuh Atas terminal. At first, I thought it was only a coincidence, I saw Rully. Yeah, I thought, wow, that person was Rully-like that it made me stood from my bench. Unfortunately, he was walking outside and I was still in the Bus and when I walked outside he already gone. He was with a male friend at that time.

The second, I met my Father on the transit bridge and I was asking alot of how to get to JaCC.

The third, now this made me felt that there was enough coincidence. I met someone that was like Ijul, oops Julian. He greeted me and asked me that if I was going to JaCC. Wow, if it was really him, I would choke his throat and asked him of Monty Python. Shoot! Too many coincidence! Am I going senile? Well, the man was nice enough to show me the way to go there, which not far enough from the terminal. Darn, if I knew, I would have walked from there than waiting for so long for the bus to come.

Anyway, one of the reason that I would not go to any public places is the prejudice feeling that I would feel everytime I went. I always choose to be close with a women because of a tactical reason: They are the less person in the world that would be suspicious (not to be sexist here). Even if they have evil intention, I think we would have the common ground and I would have the ability to fight back. But, you know, with the look of a real IT geeks: red eyes, T-Shirt, and sandals, I have the feeling that they would think of me as a pervert.

To make it worst, my laptop is a 15" Toshiba. So, the bag kind of look like a bag filled with camera or any ecchi instrument. Ah, the last ingredient that made my day is that the bus is full of people. So, yeah....

Of course, that was only made up. Truthfully, they seems don't care. They only look occasionally and set their view else where when I looked back. (Darn! Am I that dreadful?)

The IGOS Summit 2 stands just like common stores. I was hoping that it was like common exhibition, have portable stands so that I could have a bird view. Anyway, the exhibition was a good one. Many people came and no more M$ stand.

Later after the show, I have a confirmation from FeHa that Rully is at IBM right now, so there would be a high probability that it was really Rully that I saw.

The thing that I regret is, the second reason why I not in the mood of traveling, because of my exhaustion I have no mood to have a simple chit chat. At the time, Mr Cahyana came by to our stand and yet I only shoke his hand and continue to browse. Darn, I felt worst. Then I met Mrs. Loli and I would like to greet her and asked her about Rully. It ended up that I only greeted her.

The thing that I would have from a summit like IGOS Summit is the community summit. I only see the stands but I was hoping that people from communities such ubuntu-id or opensuse-id went and had a happy LAN party. I was bringing my laptop for the intention to install Hardy or something.

Then again, I felt lucky that I have found Senayan, a free library software developed by R&D Ministry licensed with GPL. It have the capability to connect to ISIS using php-openisis plugin.

I have a free BlankOn CD with manual book printed by the R&D Ministry. But, then again I gave the manual book to a women who came by to our stand asking about open source.

Then, I have a Blender tutorial CD distributed by Indonesian Blender community. I will put them in Kambing later on.

So, in general, I have found that this IGOS Summit II is the best IT show in Indonesia. Of course, the #1 best is still Debian Conference II and Debian Conference I. But, then again it would be a subjective reason with the failing of mentioning UPH's open source exhibition few years back where they welcome Stallman in person!

In my opinion:

I want the IGOS Summit 3! :D

This show is so worth of the price which made me loose a day of programming smartcard, made me so bad mood, and especially made me go to a place alone.


  1. Upload the Blender tutorial! Upload the blender tutorial! hehehe.....

    a rumour said, gimp 2.5 will be very different compared to gimp 2.4.. was it true?

  2. Anonymous11:43 PM

    where is the pics oyy..

  3. @kunderemp:
    Coming soon. :D

    BTw, Yeah, according to http://developer.gimp.org/NEWS, GIMP 2.5 will port the rastering to use GEGL. The GEGL is kinda like a script that applied to the original picture. Undo will be easier as to deactivate the script, imo.

    FeHa has the more right to be asked of the screenshot. :D
    I'm only on the 2nd day.

  4. ooo udah murtad ke open source jep? ga free software?

    pemenang kontes popularitas pasti laku sih (ubuntu mojila dsb2)


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