What Is This Trend?

Starting from the Narpati's quick wed to this entry by a Man-Was-Known-As-Ijul-But-Not-Anymore. (Whoi, mana monty pythonnya?)

I am getting a little tension about it and hope nobody would brought it up, but they did.

Yesterday after I and my father ate at Solaria, the worst and the least place of my recommendation, we agreed to go to Hypermart. He said we would bought some fruit. Well, it was a nice idea since I myself want to grab a can of beer. The place was new and I were not a type of people that like to go sightseeing so I trusted my father to lead the way. But, he purposely lead to the wrong way and went to a girl shop and said "Hey, the lady who watches the shop is beautiful, let's we take a look at her."

Shoot, another trap from him to lure me into the mortal world.

Hmm... I think I realize that even my parents very concern about my abnormality towards romance and attraction to opposite sex -- not that I am attracted to the same sex, mind you!

Their gestures and their tricky style of having almost everybody in my big family to become match makers is quite troublesome. Well, some of you may know what trouble I have been through these past years. I know they worried so much that I would grow old alone and no one there to complete me, but I feel so much completed when I never realize that I was incomplete. I had content feeling about my life and I've never wished of sharing any part of my life for I have better survival when living0 alone.

I wish people would describe in a concise way of having love, for I have that question around pretty long and having laugh as the best answer can get.

Is it to find a real love is like to find out who God really is?

Btw, I have been progressing quite good now. Today, I can sense which is a pretty women and which isn't. My hope, in few years to come I would say who not which. My final goal is to make that who to become my significant other.

As for today, I am very very very pleased as an immortal man. Anyway, Dad, thanks for the beer.


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