I Hate Marvel Civil War Storyline In Comic

See this snippets from The Amazing Spiderman:

[1] http://scans-daily.dreamwidth.org/4625006.html

The snippets on [1] made it clear: Stan Lee made Spidey have a strong believe in Privacy. The comic strips show how Spidey even have to face charges because of his anonymity. The accuser even made many accusation to other entities for political attacks.

A fan-art/art I've found in the 90's illustrated Spiderman standing in front of Peter Parker tomb. I don't know if that was originally from comic book or fan-made, 90's are a long time ago.

That art mesmerized me and introduced me to the importance of privacy. In late nineties, I was joined to a program hold by an NGO. So, at that time I know how crucial a privacy was (and still is) to humanity.

I'm not exaggerating! Humanity would fall to big financial organizations if people could not voice their fears in anonymity. Whistleblowers around the world would not dare to come up. We would not see any suppression getting blow up.

That's why, I was saddened by people whom praising the late Ministry of Communication and Informatics of Indonesia for censoring the Internet. They told people it was for the sake of fighting against Pornography. Such an overused propaganda to be told by governments for lying to its people.

The Balkanization of the Internet

There are many similar attempts to provide governments with censorship with pornography as a reason. For example:
  1. The US government used child pornography to get SOPA/PIPA replacement intact.
  2. The British government used child protection against Internet pornography to get Internet censorship.
  3. The France government approved Internet censorship against paedophiles.
And guess what? After not long the bill intact, British government (the first one in the Western civilization that get approved), also attempting to put an end to "extrimist" websites.

What is an "extrimist" website?

Such a loose term. In March 2013, as quoted by Wikipedia, surveillance as a part of censorship also installed against journalists, citizen-journalists and so on. They will intercept any news that could harm "national interests". 

Who could control the government from being rogue?

As the politicians become greedy, we may ask what are those national interests? Are those for saving their own companies? Are those for something that making their families run deep on the government? Are those really something for the people?

These balkanization of Internet are being held because of the spark Egyptian revolution came from social media. They trembled in fear knowing that there is a power which couldn't be controlled. The people power made many status quo anxious for the power they hold. That's why they don't want sudden change without movement.

The Day Where Censorship At The Finest

We could've warned our second president, H. Soeharto about what happens in his family. We could've make a stand to democracy and make it through alive. We could've put an end to massive corruptions.

But, no.  We are stripped away from that power. We could only watched puppetry parliament making jokes about themselves. Every time a potential whistleblower tried to stand up, one got silenced.

Lo, behold, we torn our income up and down. Economy was made by credits. So deep to a state where a credit created to pay another credit. Until we could no longer paid the bill and took a financial crash.

It was big and many didn't survived the crash. Luckily, the small to medium that survived the crash. They were the one that could took the hit and stand up.

Because the importers are big players, they could sway their ways into bureaucrats. With some incentives at their pockets, they made the nation imported things. They imported even when those were abundantly available from the local.

It was echoed from the minor news. But, hey, who cares?

I knew people actually cared. They, that knew, actually wanted to do something. Problem was, at those times, the cause was not into a point of critical mass. It failed to gather enough attention. It was shot down quietly.

What This Have To Do With The Comic?

Some people carelessly said, "if you are not a bad person, why should you be afraid?"

Well, as a minority myself, I'm afraid. As a person who live on diverse archipelago, my national interest made me afraid. As a human struggle with compassion, I'm afraid of what becomes.

Sam Raimi's Spiderman justified what it means when you are a known entity. The enemy could attack Mary Jane to stop Spiderman. What Spiderman emphasize is that Privacy is a matter of survival.

Of course, the privacy is against security. Anonymity is a big threat to a sense of security. Human afraid of the unknown. But, there is also a line where you could say that false sense of security also the demised of humanity.

Many public propaganda the government told you to provide you with sense of security. But, it won't. It would make you only be a sitting duck. You'll be save as long you are inline with their policy.

You probably would be alright, provided how insignificant you are now to them.

Imagine if there was already Superhuman Registration Act in the Sam Raimi's universe. The public stay silenced about it. Spiderman must register his profile.

Ultimately, the villain could used that information to threaten Peter Parker. In the soul searching era of him, it would stop his resolution to be a Spiderman. Thus, he would quit as Spiderman.

And what happened as he quit?

Villains run amok. 

And who could stop them if the heroes are no longer in supportive stance?


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