Well, Whadaya Know, It's Still... Not There

There is a havoc in my country about the ITE legislation. Ups, did I say legislation? It still a non-existence law, for X sake's. It doesn't even out yet. (Hopefully it won't)

This made someone cracked.... Did I say cracked? Yes, dear, Sir Blog-Hanya-Trend-Sesaat (tm), it's called a cracking action. There is an obvious line between a cracker and a hacker. Furthermore, there is a huge, platonic gap between a hacker and a blogger! Obviously you didn't dig that first before commenting, did you?

As for hacker and cracker, you find it distinguish in other site. But, for many people there seems not aware the power of blog.

In Information Retrieval or Knowledge Management, there exist two kind of knowledges. The first one is Explicit Knowledge. This is the SOP etc that every organization have as assets. Well, there are also come along with them, the Tacit Knowledge.

Dear lazy web, Explicit Knowledge is knowledge that have been documented and Tacit Knowledge is something in your head.

I'm getting bored.

Well, blog is a handy dandy tool that retrieving tacit knowledge easier. Believe me, there are companies out there that have blogs. Even IBM, Sun, and yeah, Microsoft also have atleast one.


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