WTF With This Nation Education System

Did you know that 41 out of 56 universities would like to have boycott on SPMB or Selection for Entering Higher Education? The 41 universities agreed on boycott because of the transparency problem in SPMB committee. They are agreed that they would make their own exams.

This is another problem of sacrificing Idealism for Politics. Why on earth you would make such drastic measurement? You just can simply make a motion of distrust and sets 2 years time for the SPMB committee to make adjustment. Two years would be, imho, the right time for making such drastic change.

The problem of SPMB is not just about the system, it's about the equality of having opportunity to enter the universities. Imagine if ITB, UGM, and Unpad having their own tests. Then, the people who wants to get in must enrolled in one of them. This is not a problem if you are living in Java island. But, how about people from Sumatera or Borneo?

Come on people, these are times where darkness covering our nation. Your childish behavior is unfavorable.


  1. joolean4:37 AM

    hoo boy, more money leaves on our pocket then :(

  2. Yeah, we need to do something with this situation


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