UI Goes Blogging

Now, Universitas Indonesia (UI) owns a blogging site powered by Wordpress MU blogging engine. At first I find it a little awkward as we, the admin, are Drupalist. But, of course the magic of theme and higher usability make us choose Wordpress MU. Still, I don't find it easier to customize. But, that's probably me just like I'm not so capable of PHP and prefer Java, Bash, or perhaps Perl.

The site is intended for the staff only and you must log with your UI username.

I've been lurking around and found some interesting subject:
  1. NeoLiberalism 101 -- Dedicated to Neoliberalism, has interesting illustrative photo, and the talk is humanist.
  2. The Microbiology Teacher -- My fave, I like the writing in here.
  3. char101's Blog -- One of my colleague.
  4. Wannabe Exceptional -- My blog. :-) Frankly, the name of the blog was setup by someone else and I'm trying to figure it out. But, thanks to the person now I have a catchy name for a blog.
And the list goes on.


  1. Anonymous1:17 PM

    aggregator semuanya dinyalain dong.. masa musti buka satu2 dulu?


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