Between Faith and Reason

There is something that bothers me when it comes in argumentation of religion. The first is about the stand point which some blatant arguers cannot comprehend and just say without ever consider on which stand point. For this type of thing is I can't say nothing but: nevermind. You must build your conclusion from the same ground or it would ended up with circular reasoning.

The second problem is the people whom interpret some of the terms with their own understanding, in which the misunderstanding arise. Now, some of them actually misunderstand about the term because of their overall argumentative. For instance, people would say Christianity is not reasonable. Amusingly, when I got them on discussion some of them would say ended up like saying Christianity is to difficult to comprehend. Of course, some of them also would find another reason to break the code. That's their belief which we don't trespass.

What is a reason anyway?

Some may think that reason is something that you describe to define something. So, everything must be in common sense to be told as a reason.

What is a common sense?

People are just like AI, reading things and stat occurences and study the pattern they encounter. Each pattern must be defined and like the DNA strain, people make labels of the common thing and make it as the default of stuff going on.


Yes, common sense actually a default set of action that statistically happens of because some series of actions. Now, default doesn't means that it is the only thing away. Ian Malcolm of Jurrasic Park describe it as simple as this:

When a drop of water poured down, it will make a way. Then, after that all of the drops that is dropped in that point would go down with the same path. But, there would be a chance, because of the factor of hairy hand or something else, that make the later drop in the same spot use another path.

We won't go deeper with chaotic math theorem. This would show you that series of previous action would lead with high probability of an occuring of an act. Bear in mind though, high probability doesn't mean that it would lead you into a 100% acurrate. It only lead you into certain feeling of a high percentage of a successful act.

Another thing to describe it is to say that common sense is the way you build your pattern of act and then try to make it general like theorem and apply it into similar act.

So, reason is there to describe what is happening and why it is happen. You could make a reason to be a seed of another reason based on the fact that already happen. And compellingly, it would lead you into acceptance.

But, there are flaw in reason. It define something that defined. Now, how about if something is not defined just like the future. Reason may success to describe anything that exist, but it will fail at certain point where something is undefined.

At the time, faith is what all about.


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