I still wondering about a thing. I still don't really get it. Why today's Indonesia Christian band groups known as True Worshipper, with Sidney Mohede as lead singer (like Darlene of Hillsong's), sing their song with low key.

And I more surprised, in a Jakarta youth Christian meeting, they played the song also in low key. As they were introduced as one of MMI's student, I think they know better that the key is low. But, as I asked the guitarist, they intended doing so as the lead singer/music director/worship leader/whatever you would call a person that in charge of the way the songs sung.

Enlighten me, please. CMIIW. I still in search and I don't think this blog entry is to mock or anything that disgrace them. I salute any of them who give their talents to God.

But, isn't it now is the time where people always play where they could sing the voice in high pitch? All of every single pop song nowadays are introduced with Tenor or Sopran voices.

Look, from the crying boys of Emo to the outskirt of Heavy Metal Band. They take their voices all high. And, don't the high key may bring people's heart more?

I mean, how could you shout to the Lord, or say your deepest feeling if you vocal your song with your Bass/Bariton voice?

Can you bring all of you, if you note your song with low voice?

I mean, basically almost all songs agree that a climax is when the singer at the highest note they ever sing in the song. Am I right?

Anyway, I think the meeting's lead singer need to learn about leading worship song and the band need to have more jams with God (or we Christians said, worship God). Look, the way he sing the song, everyone would figure it out that he want to high his voice. I can sense he would like to express his gratitude. He would like to shout out loud. Unfortunately, the tone is too low to do so.

I remember back in days where I decided to give my talents only in Christian music. I remember when we, all the singers and band members jamming before the sunday service. We cried together to sync our soul. Man, I still remember the taste.

Yes, we have trained. We already have the plot, but that day we have more than the plot. At the sunday service, I can see all of us (I mean ALL of us, including the senior priests and those "critics" church members), we cried out loud. People feel the intensity of what we Christians called God's moving heart.

I could not describe the day that I feel the true music, the true service, and the true calling. But, at the day I am proud of standing there. Btw, funny thing is I could not remember the instrument I was playing. It could be keyboard or maybe a bass. Hehehe.. maybe the feeling of God touch my heart is more strong than the other memory.

You see, today's Christian band is like pros in playing music. But, I think they were saved by the goodness of the milion rupiah sound systems. Have you ever played in an old cheap instrument in a room full of people with high temperature, yet keep the quality where we can help people touch God?

I don't want to brag about the old days, but I wish we could achieve that again. If you are a Christian band member, I think you know what I mean. The sensation of playing the instrument is different when you play any of non-religious song. That sensation...

It is good to bless and to be blessed.

Hehehe.. I was in the mood to stop the posting, but I would like to have this like a scroll so not everyone would read this. Hehehe... I think there is a tendency in us to not to read scrolls.

What is a song?

Some may say that this post is not .....

Ah, crap, I almost forget that was trying to download my sister's homework. Hmm... I need to go home fast. Omg, already an hour? -_-'



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