Photo Manager in GNU/Linux

In Ubuntu, the default photo manager is F-Spot. But, according to [TOD], the best album manager is jBrout.

Well, to give you the big picture, jBrout stores all of your data in IPTC IIM(Information Interchange Model) information of the jpeg picture. IPTC kinda like EXIF data which exists in you jpeg photo. IPTC stores information about tag and stuff, while EXIF is more about the pictograhical info like exposure, intensity, etc.

So, when you tag your picture in jBrout, Flickr and any IPTC capable reader would read the comment and tag it rigth away. This is different with others which using their own database.

Btw, F-Spot has IPTC in SVN. Digikam (0.9.x) has it. Unfortunately I'm a gnomish, so, I just use the jBrout, which is perfectly fine to me. The thing to settle is how am I suppose to make it integrate nicely with gnome. Well, for the time being, I'm very happy. :)

To Debian/Ubuntu user, use this:

deb binary/

[TOD] Todd. 2006. Photo Organizing in Linux.

[IPT] IPTC. Information Interchange Model IIM: the first multi-media news exchange format.


  1. Anonymous3:25 PM


    At least you should spell the software names correctly that you are writing about. F-Spot and jBrout

    Best regards,

  2. @Simon:
    OMG, I'm on weed or something. Thx for the fix.

    Yeah, they should be F-Spot and jBrout.


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