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Indonesia vs Malaysia Dispute
Another mess in the deep water and seems like there are people trying to fish to create instability. The victim has accepted the apology, the government have receive official apology. So why bother? Instability only creates another mess. We are neighboring countries, there will be a great turmoil would happens and further people would get hurt.

If you say patriotic, nationalism, etc, I would say those are bullsh*t!

If you are patriotic, you would bow completely on law. You would cherish it and with all cost have it all obeyed. This country is a law country (or at least that was taught to me). If this country doesn't have a law, then this country is irrelevant. Now, tell me, who's the more patriotic?

Highway Fare Increasing
I wish this would only affecting the personal transportation and not for public transportation. Gosh, there are too many of people living in American dream. Consuming oil, tarnishing the earth, and without conscious polluting the earth. I wish people would resolve their need of transportation by public transportation. So that, there would be enough voices and significantly driving the government to provide better public transportation.

But, how that would be achieved if the parliaments, executives, high rank government, and all the white collars never ever touch today's trashed transportation?

The End of A Long Relationship
What the heck?

What are those 4 years to them actually? Another shocking event to me. Another people around me have broke their relationship in 17 August 2007. Free?

I still don't believe this! I mean, is there nothing in the 4+ years relationship? Or it just becomes rusty each day?

Whatever the reason I still don't get it. In those years many promises would have been made and many sad and good feelings collide should made them compatible each other even more.

I know I am not in the place to judge, but this is, in my opinion, uncomprehensible. :-((


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