Firefox Campuss Edition

Introducing The Best Thing To Hit Campus Since Ramen Noodles

Firefox Campus Edition (FCE) really have a catchy stuff to play with. Well, I just mention the best I do find really helps.

This plugin *really* helps me find relevant search in google. OMG, I have user ratings now in my google search results. Say bye-bye to junk results. The sad thing is, I only have 3 friends already enlisted. This is why I write this article. Join!

This plugin is the best plugin worthy as Audioscrobler ( Now, each time I blog in blogger in Blogger or post a message in Friendster, a tiny button shows to insert song that played while I write as my signature. Neat.

The other plugin is zotero a bookmark manager. Since I use webmail UI to bookmark things, I find this one rather not so useful. But, in case you don't have any bookmark manager, Zotero may find it useful to you, maybe. (I haven't use it).


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