You People Oughta Know!

The Jakarta Post, quoted from (MetroTV) , had an headline written:
"Jakarta Paralyzed, Again".

Yeah, if you noticed, I mark the comma and the word "Again".

It is like what I said, I don't like to show my sympathy to people who get the flood into their house. I even don't care about the dumb ass people who asked for donation to feed the hunger of the people that caught on the flood.

Fyi, my house also flooded and since Friday, we haven't check it out again. But, that's the consequence of the bad design of our beloved city, especially our neighbourhood. When we first bought the house (when I was a little), the was a stream not far from my house. It was one of the river that connected to the Ciliwung river. But, it was stopped and people built houses on there.

When we built the house, we have reserved a meter or two behind our house to let people built sewer and let the water flows. But, they built their houses close and attached to ours letting it no use at all. So, the water cannot go anywhere. G_G

That's the example of bad neighbourhood environment design. How 'bout globally?

Well, as one of my first post, back then I was remembering people about how bad it could be when people have a lack knowledge about the word: "Homeostasis"

It's a term to explain the balance of the global environment. The term was taught at high school, I guess. But, maybe we just as dumb as average Americans, not enough sense to remembered it, nor to accept its existence.

I'm no environmentalist, but I am clever enough to know sudden climate change. Fyi, the normal thing is that the climate always change about 25 to 30 years. But, as nowadays, the climate drops into the position where the balance of the earth is interfered and it change fastly.

If you read the map in high school, you would noticed that the wind changed direction in the equator. If you notice the rain forrest acted as a filter to that wind. It also has the balance....

Bla.. bla.. bla... Argh... I'm getting bored. Just google it and read you Biology book, carefully.

This is not just about how bad people throw their trashes
This is not just of how bad people build their houses in the green area.
This is about how ignorance we are about the fact and there was nothing we have done about it.

I don't need any college student wandering off saving people lives, asking for donation, nor having a demo to the government (don't waste your time, they are dumb).

Why not educate them? EDUCATE, YOU MORON!!!

Tell the people not throw their trashes. Tell the government about the important of global city plan and tell them the necessity to eradicate the social problems behind all of this. Use your brain, write good stuff.

Please notice this:

The nature have evolved accordingly to our cause, only there would be a time in the evolution process where the human doesn't fit in there anymore.



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