God it's hurt

God, it's hurt to know that I would be missing.
Why ... when around not much I care?
And now ... gone and I just realize that I've made a mistake.

God, why I was such a fool?
Wasting time and not being with ... and embrace ....
Instead, I made ... fallen apart.

God, I've lied.
Why it's hurts when I pretend it doesn't matter?
Why I can't let go the past that I don't like?

There are rainbows in the sky,
but why does my heart still hear the sound of thunder?

Today is a new day
But, why does my past drag me away?

I can run a new day
I can create new way
I can now search for something new

But, will You lead me this time?

I can be happy now and not remembering them all.
But, why can I still name them by one?

God, it's hurt.


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