JP's Word of Wisdom: Thankful.

Kunderemp said:
What if the incident happened when the admins (all of them) needed to go to
toiletWhat if the incident happened when the admins (all of them) needed to go
to toilet?

Of course then all of people will suffer from the lost of connection. But, when it happens, many systems may fails.

Have you ever thought that the admin of that system left the system's problem unresolved?
The admin knows about all systems, for the admin self that have the system built. Each system have MRTG so that each monitored.

But, sometimes, when you must restore a system, you must restore your surrounding so the system can runs well again. When the service of the server which you lived on fails, don't blame the admin. For the admin knows it and may on the way to make the system flawless.

May you think your system is broken, the admin knows it. But you may consider the system in the functionality in different view of the admin.

You may consider your LDAP server is insufficient like other's Postgre server. Or, you are using MySQL and you feel that you're inferior than Oracle that some other use. You may think that it's not fair for the admin to assign to you a LDAP or a My SQL server to you while other may use the Oracle.

But, there are many aspects that My SQL excels than Oracle. Just like there are cases where Bubble sort can be faster than Quick Sort. Even, default quick sort excel than randomized quick sort.

The admin knows your need. But, do you believe in admin?


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