Connecting Both World

I dunno of the way people thinking in this particular country (Indonesia). I'm always listening to everyone's bragging about their IT and how it is creating a real opportunity and how it seems making the company cost-effective. Also, they bragging about the way they could go into the realm of modernity.

But, is it true?

Hardly. As far as I can get, there is NO qualified running system that I have seen is worth to be entitled. I may seems like an oldman that creating a fud to you, but believe me, this is true. For instance, how many of you folks that runs a company must upgrade your applications each year? And worst, how many of you that never really use the facility?

You know something. What I see in most of IT projects is: (sometimes it make me shame to be part of IT folks)
  1. The project failed.
  2. The project ended up with overtime and over bugdet and over estimated and over anything but success.
  3. The project finished in time but it only effective in short time and then abandoned, or worst (the common thing I see), the finished project is abandoned and never been used.
Actually there is a forth, but I think you got the picture, haven't you? ;P

Qualification of software people is a low one. This is true to the nature of the computer science itself. Now, I don't want to say that my people is too dump to really understand the matter. But, the whole world is also comes with the problem. All of the experts come with the problem and never realized it. That's why, many big projects around the world suffer the same problem.

What is it from the computer science that makes us so dumb?

Well, have you ever know about the joke of geeks and non geeks? Yeah, the two world that separated us human of beings. There are those with thick glasses and white jackets and having math book as their bible and speaking of Marsian. From the other side, there are cool guys and girls with partying style and talkative. Those people are the people considered of their lives is fully aware of the existance of others.

Both sides, for centuries are in their sides and it is considered rare there is a man (or woman if you are a feminist), that can stand and understand both world. They are seems like counterpart.

One day, there is a cool stuff invented named computer. This new thing is shining. It rocks! It is melting and be an integrated part of cultures around the globe.

Now, here's the bad news. Cultures are a territory of cool people, but the computer is the geek invented stuff. The computer have crossed the both worlds. It creates many of expanding minds that people never thought of. The understanding of both world is twisted and creating many unprepared minds. The technollogy is forcing the people from geek side and non geek side to speak each other intensively.

That's why we often hears "Man, my boss is brainless" or "What the heck are you talking about?" and worst, some people talking about terminologies that they even doesn't understand.

Computer science is not about engineering alone. Computer science is also talking about how human interacts. Computer science is not a geek side and also not a part of non geeks. It is a funky engineering, understands both world and tries to overcome the woes.

The prerequisites of a projects that is not being awared by most of developers is the human part. Often, just because you have a series of cracking mad PHP programmers or a hardcore MS-dev, you have become over confident of being able to do the job. Well, that's not enough. You need also people who listen! You don't need geeks talking with Marsian, you need people who can talk and understand of client's need. That's computer science!

You cannot force people to do something because resistance is the most of it. People (like nowadays) would be forced to do the stuff. On the other hand, you cannot just ask people about their needs. They would become a developer worst nightmare, a creeping requirement. They often cannot decide what they actually need. You need to capture it! And it's not from a tech side but also from social perception. That's a computer science.

As old man says, coding is only 10-15% part of an IT project. The most part of it is actually to really understand the real need of our client. So, be persuasive. NEVER start from a scracth, for it will be a suicide! I would recommend you to start with a running system.

The problem with Indonesian is they harshly jumping into a conclusion of the need of the new system. That's my friend is in the end, but not for a start. You must always start with a consideration that the old system (which are sometimes manually runned system) is worth enough to do the job. Then, by some necessity, you must reinvented the system part by part so it would runs effectively. That's what we call BPR, not some revolution.

Use the term EVOLVE not REVOLUTION! Revolution is evil. You can do it, but how is the people who runs it?

Ah, duh, gw mo kerja dulu ah... TO BE CONTINUED (if I'm not lazy enough). You got the picture.

Be a funky developer! Hang out and get a life! Enough with WoW! :D


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