Nice thing

Yay, I can blog now. Well, what should I tell you?

It's my experience using Horde.

It began when our IMP became sucks and unstable. We were using Horde 3.0.1 and the connection is damn slow. Worse, one of our server that served it failed and restarted over and over. Well, I think it was expected from a PC. Yes, we are using PCs to power up the mail. Of course we didn't give ordinary PCs a hike. They are using SCSI drives (well, not all of them).

I think it is really normal that today's IMP is suck. Years our implementation could served the university need because non of the current trends exists. But, time went by and many cool things arouse. I think that the culprit was the increasing users of Hotspot UI and today's UI PR running well making the students realize the facility that they already have. Now, many people using webmail and it is increasing fast especially during lunch (yeah guys, when you have a lunch we have to monitor the server).

Ah, this is getting out of hand. Oh, well, I just continue the talk.

Well, I guessed the webmail problem from the apps server. So, I disband the good ol' Apache 2 and starts using lighttpd + fastcgi which always shutdown in the morning, strange. Great! They are fast, but what's this? The connection slowing down.

Ow, okay, the culprit was and is the database back end. I am using postgres to serve the need, but the postgres isn't clustered. It is served from one server only. That's they are damn slow.

Oh, well, bye...
*siul2 pura2 gak tau*


  1. tiddaaaaaaakkkkkkkkk........
    kembalikan webmail kesayanganku :))

    jadinya sekarang gw pake mail client....fufufu

  2. bikin sendiri Jepe! :D at least, jadikan yg enteng sbg base.

    cobain roundcube ( dong..

  3. @tempe_goreng:
    Mohon maaf lahir dan batin, huehehehee...

    ud coba, emang rencananya gw mo coba roundcube buat diimplementasi. Apalagi roundcube didaulat cepet. Tapi, gw khawatir dengan cross browser compability-nya. Dia itu khan pake teknologi Web 2.0 (cia ilah...).


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