Just Isenk Adja

Wow, how amazing it is. Eclipse has totally killer platform development. Killer not just that kind of killer but also an assassine of my computer. I've got only 256 MB. So, I think I'm gonna move all of my development into my baby (still remember that shiny xSeries?). But, I think it's a good thing.

Anyway, I've tested the BIRT and stuff and seems nice. It was great, so great it burned my computer. I just testing it by creating a report from a table with 12000 or more data.

Btw, what is the APDU for using javacard?

I know that we need to select the applet, read the ATR, and ... gosh... the rest?

How to send the APDU? I know we need an AppletProxy and a class that implement CTListener. But, what's next?

I can only found OCF 1.0 tutorial, while I have 1.2. Where the next example goes?

Well, I think I should reconsider using Starcos library from G&D. I know it only provide C/C++. That could be alright, I think... Just put the code, some stuff of JNI there and patch there..
Voila.. ! [I hope]

Btw, I know this entry has bad English. Don't care. Ah, I'm getting.. I wanna sleep.


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