I Believe in God

I believe in God. Because I know the prove of it.

When you write a C program, you may compile it flawlessly. And then when you run it:

# sh myProgram
C:\> myProgram.exe

Then suddenly it gives you:

Segmentation Fault

With no reason of all. In that case, you may say "only God knows". So, you may surge into the code and you recompiled it again. But, this time you pray.

Voila! The program runs perfectly fine.

But, today's programming style has made people forget about God. Their profiling tools and those damn good programming language such as Java have give them a lack of faith.

The programming just run smoothly and the error code is fine. Nothing magic about it.

That's why, these days people no longer believe in God. They have too much control to have their mind surrender to God and consider the gratitude of the well running system to Him.

Well, the system running is made of C and the God's speaking language Assembly.

You may say that the root programmers are beginning to feel God. Or they might be defying the power of God and says it's only an unfilled bug or known bug. File it in bugzilla and have it done in CVS and release it next day.

Well, folks, just like my job description, the infamous kernels have bugs and they are introduced in later versions as they are beginning to grow. So, you may think newer version more stable?

What can man possibly do? With God knows how many line of codes, how can mere mortals maintain it?

Thou shalt not linger. Repent now!


  1. Amen !
    If a coder believe in God, then he should code only in : C/Assembly/LISP


  2. Anonymous1:03 PM

    Krg Nyambung Jep.


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