Just reinstalled the Silakip system with AMD 64 pure system. Yesterday it was installed with x86 binary. Btw, both of installation ran well and we're trying to surge it right now.

Btw, I last nite I watched that damn good piece of show called X-Man, cmiiw. My fave is the eagle eye guy. Not because of his act, but because of the effect. Well, I kinda like his determination. He has failed but not stop. Wow! His face must be made of concrete and in the end, his act became sharper and sharper. He actually made some girl cried happily ever after. Wow!


  1. mesin2 grid ntar yg pake opteron 64bit mo gw installin i386 aja ah.. hihi..

  2. enakan juga amd64, lebih kenceng khan ud native

  3. masalahnya Jepe, aplikasinya itu loh. masih gampangan nyari tuk i386 :P


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