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When I watched Oprah, there was a show when a devoted Christian must lived within Islamic community about 30 days. He lives at a devoted Moslem. One of the impresive conversation:

Moslem host: "Tell me 5 Moslems that you know."
Christian: "Osama bin Laden, Saddam Husein ..."
Moslem host: "Oh my God, we are terrorists. How 'bout Mohammed Ali and Hakeem Ola.."

You know what starts all the problems in the world? Misunderstanding!

Yes, the misinterpretation of people is the cause of wars!

Many Americans think that Christians and Non-Christians are not terrorist, but Moslems are.
Many Middle Eastern think that Israel is Dajal and American is Satan.
Many Israelis think that no one like Hitler will ever crushed them if they have their own homeland.

Why they think so?

Many Americans that never in touch with Moslems are shocked when the 9/11 occured. They think Islam is the next Anti Christ after the fallen of Communist. This religion is the most barbaric and sadistic that killed thousands of people and felt they would went to heaven by doing so. Their God is evil for they seeked only blood and hatred.

American politicians analysed that Dictatorship that many of Middle East countries are behind this. The poverty of commoners in the middle east leads people into radicalism. That's why, we American need to implement democracy so that people can have voice and better lives. To prevent another 9/11, we need to 'warn' mid east countries. They mustn't have any weapons that can endanger us and have the weapons fallen into the wrong person.

Israel is going to ruin our legacy here in Jerusalem. They wants to destroy one of our sacred mosque. Look, they have kill our brothers and sisters. They with their tanks and bombs armed against our civilians. Many of our brothers and sisters killed. Don't let them massacre our children.

America and their allies against us. They support Israel to slaughter our children. They are also sinfull. Their act behind Israel slaughtery is evil. Those countries must be stop or no Moslem will ever walked in this earth. They have nukes and massive weapons.

To some factions, America is behind all the tyrans in the Middle East. They also supporting them with weapons and forces us quenched with the blood of our brother and sister. What they want is oil. Cursed them!

We are thrown out from our house many centuries ago. In captivity, we are also forced by the Nazi to have the same faith as our father. Worse, we are killed and died unrespectfully. They hunted us like animals. Now, we have returned home. We have our lands paid it with blood. No more wild dreams haunted us with tragedies.

We are not welcome by our neighbours. We must defend ourselves and never let us wiped. Those factions of our neighbour is irritating. They do not admit us as a country. They even occasionally terrorize our soil with suicide bombs and car bombing. Now, they have come too far. They have attacked our posts and kidnapping our mans. Next, they would possibly do more harmful. So, why not bite them harder than they bite. ATTAAAACK...!

From my point of view, three of them must attend the show. They must communicate each other and stop any revenge. Peace will never there if everyone not ceased to revenge and forgive each other. When people have revenge, they attacked the other. Unluckly, the other is living with other side who knows nothing. And you know the rest of the story.

By communicating each other, however, any further incidents wouldn't exist. The information given to each side is making them understand each other. Any third party that wants to have benefits from the war will have hard time to do so.

Later at the Oprah, the Christian is given a task to have autographs to help Moslem community. My favourite is this conversation:

Christian: "Would you like to sign ..." [I forget the line]
Commoner: "No. Christians and Non Christians are not terrorist, but Moslem are."
Christian: "Sir, do you know Oklahoma. Who bombs the FBI?"

Well, the conversation is something like that. The interesting part is when the Christian defends the Moslem community and tries to tell the person that not all Moslem like the 9/11.

You see, when people are communicating and representated with the facts, their ill thought will be gone and peace will unceased.


  1. haduh... bahasa inggrisnya parah ...

    tau bedanya "though" dan "thought"?

    ada servis online yang namanya www.toggletext.com. mungkin bisa digunakan?

  2. sori, typo...

    thx, Ham.

  3. A question that I asked in my religion class in Fasilkom (Perhaps that's why I get A- [a minus] while others get A :smile:).

    "Do non-muslims misunderstand our religion (Islam) or their misunderstanding actually represents our own misunderstanding (muslims) about our own religion?"

  4. Anonymous10:09 PM

    Dear JP..
    Bagus tulisannya man, gua kira semua masalah memang kita sendiri yang menciptakan, sejak ego adalah kendaraan setan...
    Gua muslim, tapi non-practicing, dan kayaknya ga begitu masalah dengan ga begitu mengerti ajaran agama gua sendiri, karena yang gua tau, intinya berkisar disitu juga.
    "hanya" tentang cinta kasih dan rasa terima kasih atas anugrah tuhan apapun namanya..
    yang jelas masih sangat sulit untuk dihayati...
    Jika kita mampu saling merasakan, dan bersaudara, sepertinya dengan segera kita bisa menjelajah semesta..
    We stack down here bro..


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