Someone close to you

What is faster than a speeding bullet?
-- My heartbeat when with you.

What is the most devastating in history?
-- When you are here not noticing me.

What is more beautiful than the rainbow?
-- Your dancing eye glare.

What is sharper than a Samurai?
-- When your eye stares at me, cuts through my heart.

What is the most terrified event in the world?
-- When I want to talk with you.

What is my existance?
-- It's decided by you.

I'm affraid to talk with you. I'm affraid my talk is so imperfect that it could ruin everything.

I'm affraid to be with you. Coz, it hurts when you have to go.

I'm affraid to say I love you. Coz, it costs me a life to say so.

I need you.

Kalimat2 iseng di atas didedikasikan kepada orang2 yang sedang pdkt di sekitar gw. How does it feels?

Ganbatte, B***o!!!


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