2nd Class Citizens

Ouch, they made us, Computer Science graduate-wanna-be as a 2nd class citizens.

Why on earth ....
We already in a line, but they told us to step back. What kind of attitude is that?

But, as the word says: Justice prevail!

We have our photograph taken with our dean. We also have a glance to do insane things like:
1. Take picture with all of other faculty sign.
2. Create a riot.
3. Have our picture taken exclusively.

Man, if in life we feel like injustice broad upon us. Just don't take it hard, have it easy and feel grateful. For there is something even better is in front of us.

Life is a path full of fog, anywhere you go is the same.


  1. emang kita hebat! hehe.. fakultas mana lagi bila foto bareng rektor lengkap ^__^

  2. eh.....thx yah..dah baca blogs gw...yah...semoga aza sih.....soalnya sekarang jarang ketemu gitu gw 'n dianya...
    dia sibuk bgt dengan kerjaan dia sebagai penyanyi indie yang baru bgt jadi masih show2 keluar kota....mana jarang ke gereja lagi....hikshiks..(koq jadi curhat?????)
    btw lo gereja dmna bro????
    lo jakartanya dmna???


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