Something to fight for

Everybody have somthing to fight for.

It's the reason to believe.

It's the reason to exist.

It's the thing that keep a person full.

It's the thing that shielding mind from the world...

from any harsh...

from any pain sufferred...

from any anxiety....

It's there to wait another dawn coming from the darkest cold night.

It's there to those whom spirits fade

It's there to those in the battlefield called life.

May it be Y O U.


  1. er.. you're talkin about Linux right?


  2. or maybe DOTA? -_-#

    anyway, menyedihkan sekali... recently i have nothing to fight for, uhuk uhuk.. huhuhu... jadi males2an..

  3. @kuy:
    Nope, precisely GNU/Linux. My shinny Ubuntu, oh how I long for u....

    @indigo wine:
    Definitely not!


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