Magneto's Bride
If Magneto could ever let alone to have a married life, would he stop hating human?

When my church friends asked for charity, they teased me, "Jep, donate and we will be praying for you to have wonderful bride."

Err... do I that desperate for marriage?

I know they did silly things to tease me. I don't mind their joke, actually. In fact, why would I bother to write this?

Simple, so that I could update this blog. :))


Talk about marriage, there are reasons for people taking it.

The Parents

Parents desperately want their children have marriages. Even if they told you they won't force you, their behavior indicates otherwise. They don't realize it, but you do. You wish you could say, "stop it!" But, it would made you an asshole and besides,

may be they were right...

At first, they would come with soap drama with you. Asking about your relationship with someone special. If you have a long answer of no, they would asked your family for help. Then, suddenly your families started introducing opposite sexes.

It seems the only escape for you is to have higher education as an excuse to prolong your peaceful life....

The Country

Rome took the fall because their natives refused to be soldiers. Romans just took the Frank and all the mercenaries as their soldiers. It wasn't long until the mercenaries having their feet and began to sink their teeth against the employer.

When in World War II, America also crafting a mechanism to have their citizen brought good healthy children. They needed that to have supplies for their on going war. They would made a propaganda about it.

Today we have war in economics and the battle is not country anymore but corporates. There is nothing more cumbersome than an extra package. If we would like to survive, we should reinforce our wealth not made it depleted into an investment who knows if they would payback at you.

Gah! What a twisted mind... I believe we still loving our parents, don't we? And we would never forget them, aren't we?

The Tradition

To preserve strong Asian tradition, at least that what was coming from Lee Kuan Yew. First and foremost, I'm not Singaporean. But, to preserve my own culture is next to impossible. I was born in Jakarta. All my well-known relatives in my parent's land is gone.

Last time I checked, I was not very welcomed there. They didn't greet me like they used to. There are unfamiliar faces and many minta-digeplak (no-manner?) teenagers. The Batak tradition is on its brink of extinction. I know that much, sadly, because I saw men hanging around on local shops while their spouse on the field.

In my memory of what my father taught me, Batak men should never let their women have difficult times. Batak men should take pride and take any means necessary to have their children having higher education.

I notice that I was the 18th decendant of Rajagukguk, while the other names only have 15th decendant. It means I have a strong line of fertile man. This is a great sign for easily having birth.

Can I use it to postpone the marriage? I mean, maybe in my late 30s I could have my spouse. :)

OMG, this is beginning like the prologue in Idiocracy.... Scary!

The Religion

Many people would state the Genesis as a basis to drive people into marriage. The first command of God is to tell human to have kids and prosper. It seems there is this "religious" image for having offspring.

But, why those Catholic priests aren't married?

Well, I could use that excuse, but unfortunately, I am a revised of revised Catholic dogma a.k.a. the Pentecost. We can have our priest get married. So, my brethren would toss that argument away.

Fortunately, I figured a writing by Paul that talking about "when someone is not strong enough, just get married..." or something like that. Didn't it indicate that at that time people would prefer not married?

He is quite romantic, that Paul. I remember that Paul said that a member of Christian senates should not have more that one wife. And all the talk he wrote always talking about how spouses should honor each other; how father should honor his children and vice versa.

I think I should not use his writing. They full of family values. I must like a lawyer, escaping parts of law that would trap my client, khu.. khu... khu.... >:)


Hmmm... all the things I would assess about marriage it seems rather indicating that I'm afraid of marriage.

Well, I am a proud Bataknese and I have no fear!

Bring it on! *ngumpet di pojokan...*

Even if I'm from a clan that seems having "Suami-suami Takut Istri" syndrome, I don't think I would like that. I could stand on my point. *Gulp*

Anyway, I think the only best solution for handling the pressure of answering when we will get married is:

Coming soon.

Still effective than throwing those lengthy argument. :)

(*) Except for heights, death and anything else. Premium rate applied.
(**) XO means eXtraordinary Other, a light whom becomes your sheath. The one that could break your twisted mind of having lonely life is okayish.


  1. "In my memory of what my father taught me, Batak men should never let their women have difficult times. Batak men should take pride and take any means necessary to have their children having higher education."

    so sweet brader :D

  2. kawin pe kawin! :P


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