New Year Resolution Being Questioned

I have put a new year resolution candidate in my Facebook account. My resolution is to have better understanding about person that having unstable heart [is it the best translation of "menggalau"?]. This might be a joke to some of us, but this is actually important for me.

Many of my friends have this state of mind. Some of us might think, "ugh, isn't it obvious, they were weak!" But, I don't like that kind of argument. Judging people without seeing the cause of it is the reason of wars and perils.

Things aren't as is. There are some chain reactions towards that behavior. And failed to understand the root cause, we might end up making prejudice.

For a (self-proclaimed) scientist such as myself, jumping into conclusion is totally for idiots. So, I must take my part to understand what is wrong with them in order to understand them. I hope, even if we can't cure them, we have an antidote so that their negative-ruining-life emotion won't affect us.

But, really, the real reason is because we should care. The guilt would suffer you and you would thought, "gah! I should have been doing this...." A slap on the face came to me recently. One of my friend had really hard times and now the person is in RSCM having for medication. Hopefully, the person can gain his footing again.

Like many computer literate people, I have little ability of understanding people. But, what I think the media they listen and watch is something that made them vulnerable. You know, songs with cheating on each other, lies, and emo themes. They make many people weak and instead of accepting their lives, it suggested that they would not get into it.

You see, these songs might think that they trying to relate people with their thought. Yes, they either perfectly related or can be synced with one's life. But, they don't put any resolution with their songs. So, the song only making people related, but it just there to justify the hatred and the sadness without ever going further to take any action to walk through the pain.

While the music industry would not take responsibility and only take the money without moral conscience, I think we would see more people would fallen hard.

I used to suggest people to change their music preferences. Songs like a whisper into the subconscious. It is a double edge sword. It can also put you into uplifting life. It could dumb you down. But, I guess I'm not that good convincing. They don't really into my words, even if I said it was based on scientific articles like how Country music influence suicide.

But, even if there is a good writing about it. People won't buy it. I guess when you are in the field of feeling, scientific norms are being ignored. It becomes false.

I think I need to learn to have better suggestion. Because rational is an irrational thing to be suggested to people with "menggalau" mode. They won't check my suggestion that forgiving is the way to go to let go. People would not google it up at least. They won't even bother to ask where the article where I would gladly give if they have ever asked.

I wish I could understand being irrational. Is it like solving NP-Complete problem?


  1. believe it or not, terkadang kalo gue lagi dalam kondisi yang gak bagus, lagu2 pembangkit semangat justru bikin gue pengen bunuh diri. true story. so, just let people choose any song that they want to hear instead of suggesting one that doesn't suit the mood. ntar kalo moodnya udah balik lagi, playlist galaunya pasti berkurang dah. intinya, let them be, pe :P

  2. Menarik sekali. Lagu yang mana yang bikin pengen bunuh diri?


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