Duty and Engagement

A new case arise on Indonesia today. It's about a girl who got kicked in her face by a security personal in an apartment. She was imitating Suster Ngesot, an Indonesian version of nurse ghost. The apartment management has released CCTV footage about what happened.

IMHO, the security is not wrong here. It's his job to secure people. From what I saw in CCTV, he backed the people on the elevator. He move forward as other people were shocked behind. He did his job to protect.

Now, is it hard to tell the security personal about doing a plan?

As far as my experience, every security personal, especially one in a large apartment would love to cooperate. They don't mind if we would like to do anything as far as it doesn't hurt. There might be a case of they would refuse, but that's rare especially when the reason was to have a surprise party.

Now, the poor security personal only did his job. But, the parent of that poor girl was furious and sued the poor guy. If my opinion matters, I say that he is innocent. What happened was an accident caused by an uncoordinated joke. So, lesson learned.

Let's move on.

Btw, this is a post inspired by a post from Narpati.


  1. copas comment gue dari narpati
    Mungkin juga perlu diperhatikan di cctv bahwa setelah tahu yang dia tendang adalah manusia, satpam tersebut bukannya menolong yang dia tendang malah ngikut lift buat naik ke tempat tujuan dia. Alangkah baiknya kalau dia membantu saat itu, meskipun yang salah adalah Mega. Itu memang adalah kewajibannya sebagai satpam, karena meskipun salah, Mega itu adalah penghuni resmi apt, jadi tetap layak diperlakukan dengan hormat.

  2. Hmm... dari yang gw liat, justru temennya si cewek itu muncul dari arah kanan terus mendorong si Satpam ke lift. Terus, mereka mendesak si satpam. Bukankah itu yang terjadi di CCTV? Lo nonton CCTV mana?

  3. cctv detik. masalahnya abis didorong pun masih ada waktu mereka berargumen. dan waktu satpam naik ke atas, dia sendiri yang mencet tombol buat nutup lift kok. just watch the video again.


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