Grandeur Illusion Wrapped Up With Nice Ad

I am not an American, but I couldn't help myself to comment about this ad. Newt Gingrich, a person who wants to run election in presidential battle 2012, made an interesting ad. It is interesting to comment. I really not care about the person, but the message and the fact that this video is promoted in Youtube as the new hot video, itching my hands to get the keyboard.

The first ignorance he deduce from his ad is the level of his believe of what America that they once knew. What kind America is that?

America that supports child labor for having better products? (*cough* sport shoe *cough*)
America that bombs other nations so that they could have gasoline cheaper than mineral water?
America that supports tyrannic leaders just to have their ways?

I am sorry to write those up. I know that our economy, Indonesia, would go nowhere without America imported them. I would not be a computer scientist without their innovation in computer. I am one of the other people in the world that grateful America exists.

But, other people would remember America as those nasty things. The people of America might be living on the dream by stepping on some orphans and widow. Many black ops creating disturbance in the heart of weak people.

Weak people with weak heart have destructive force. They could do anything. They would do anything. And nothing would stop them to achieve  their dreams. They are poor, jobless and hurt.

If you have nothing, what else do you want? If you are robbed from your existence, what else would you care? What else we want if our life is meaningless?

Some crap by an author wrote that we are mere coincidence. All happens biologically and physically. Even if that's the truth, which debatable, people basically believe in the world full of meaning. God is one of the big meaning.

Taking God into his speech arsenal, a twisted leader with his agenda could move many poor souls to take the damned road. Thus, hate.

So, basically, America that wants to have their peaceful life like the olden days, is a mere delusion if they don't do anything about the hate tag put on them.

No corporation nor human would able to control the world. Chinese history should give a simulation how Kings failed to rule because of their lack of kindness for the people. There would be another attempts rising up for change. No matter what that have been tried to reduce the possible way of doing so.

America should take the initiative and apologize to the rest of the world. Try to send emissaries to many part of the world and talk with them on equal foot. Try to support people of different faith. Build a bridge to close the gap from misunderstanding.

And one thing for sure, this would take years to achieve. That's because the hatred is run deep and the misunderstanding has become faith. But, peaceful life is not that impossible.

They say a world without a war is impossible. That's what they say about men could not fly. It's just need a greater courage and will to bend that dream into reality. And many people with great mind take their life to think about it.


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