Battleship Yamato On My 2 Cents

There is a thread on IMDb indicating that this movie is deluding history. The thread starter was questioning "symbol of fascism" that changed into the "symbol of hope" for humankind. History tells that Yamato is a flagship of Japanese empire.

I am not that into Yamato. I am a Macross generation. So, I do think that I would say this from an outsider not a fan. Also, I am not trying to bash the person but just trying to analyze what's the meaning of Yamato.

A history lesson in my senior high hinted me of what kind of happens. Meiji Restoration was triggered by a humongous naval ship made of steel landed on Japan. The fleet led by Commodore Perry was causing chaos unto the heart of many Japanese people. It began the industrialization of Japan and her modern heart.

Still, the heart still beating fast for the people of Japan at that time. They decided to build a flagship that big enough to counter the Western. They want to be save from that black ship that shook the heart of many men and women.

That's why Yamato became the hope of many Japanese at that time. Their pride of a nation. Waking up from the ashamed state because of America forcing them to submit a trade treaty.

With that feeling of hope. They modernized that into the pride of humankind who was invaded by Gamilas.


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