True. Dad is a man of many hard feelings and unsettled dreams too. Trying to be good in his own way.

They were raised to take the responsibillity himself. He did not want to make his children and wife cry. He'll stood the pain by himself. That's the way of how a man do, said the world. So, even though he has a broken wing and heart shattered apart, he stood the test and willing to be the best he can be.

Man should be silence and do action, said old teaching of the world. He shall not open his mouth too often. The world taught him that praising your child will made your child weak. He praise little to none. He only complains. Critics will made your child healthy, said the world. You don't want your child screwed and dependent, won't you?

We should work, our work will make our child into the best school. Best school ensures our child future. What can you give your child if you are lazy, provoked the world. All Dad wants is to have his child the best. He take the job into the night and wake up first in the morning.

Dad beat his child to discipline the child. Look, you are tough now, said the world. He beat his child so the child would be best. Oh, no, this uncontrolled beast like the devilishu spell making me mad, said him. Too late, his family already hate him.

They don't give a chance for him to change. No, even himself is not strong enough to change. He could only wish on his sober that he isn't him. Dad is a human trying to be the best of himself.

As any other human, Dad wounded from the past. People will only look at him of his role as Dad. Seldom people sees that he is a human that needs help too.

Well, some Dad ended up alone, in a shelter for broken people or toyed around by his child and grandchild. Only crying and not much he can do but wishing the time would come to take him away to his eternal slumber.

Have the child ever hugged back Dad and tell him loved him, too?


  1. "Seldom people sees that he is a human that needs help too."
    gua kebalikannya bang,, gua bener-bener tau saat bapa butuh topangan,, tp gua ga pernah menawarkannya bang,, kecuali bapa yg minta,, krn klo bapa ga mau kasih tau berarti emang bapa ga mau gua tau,, jd yang gua lakuin cm berdoa untuk bapa.
    share dikit ya bangg,,hehehe,, intensitas ketemu sm bapa dikit,, makanya gitu mau berangkat kerja dan pulang kuliah malam,, pasti harus cium tangan dan peluk bapa :)
    Bapaku itu adalah the dad every girl would dream of ! ;)


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