Why people lie?

Why they pretend that they were at a certain point when they weren't even there yet? Don't that made people go easy on their faults and not learning from them?

I have experimented that when I told people my location, they just fine with that. When I was in a street few miles from the appointed area, there is nothing that could change a fact that I was late. Furthermore, by incorporating my point, sometimes the people themselves would make a new rendezvous location shorter.

So, why would we as a religious people sinned over such trivial matter?

Why would people lie?

Don't you ever felt those lies hurt you? Have you ever asked in the mirror who's that person? Don't you lie also to yourself? Isn't it made a heavy burden to your life? Don't you feel that you are beginning to have less choices of life. In fact, to keep your lying as consistent as possible, you are bound to tell more lies.

Tell the truth is the best outcome of life. Sometimes, when you are already in the deep hole, you wished you would be in the next life or new one. Instead, you are stuck in the hole. Facing them one by one is hard, but we got to try.

I know, I am making an irresponsible statement. So, disclaimer, yes, I have made myself as earnest as possible. Funny thing about that, even when you are earnest, people are looking suspicious about you.

I mean, come on, rationalize a bit. I have my own job and a steady income. And on several occasion I have said about the sad state of my heart (which is heartless). Why would people think I am there for the money? Why would people (usually opposite gender) think that I would do it to win their heart?

Anyway, back to the topic.

We make mistakes. That's the common thing. Sometimes we forget about that and applying to be perfect.

What's wrong with being imperfect?

It's a boring world if you have everything as expected. I mean, what's a life

worth when everything happens as expected? The game is boring and you felt that you would hit the power button and expecting having another disk. But, this game of life is the only thing we know.

To be perfect is a flaw. It sever the bonds between the perfect being with others. Made him/her alone.

Nobody's perfect, so why lie?


  1. lies make you human. believe me, jp. blend in xD

  2. Lie is not something that makes you human. It makes you hurt because the one that being presented wasn't you.


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