A Demoralized Story

I was going to write this on my other blog. But, then I realized this was a controversial topic. After two unfinished drafts, I've decided to write here instead.

I was interested in one of Tempo Interaktif's story about Indonesian Jews. The story is neutral. But, the last two paragraph is out of proportion. Here's what I quote

Namun, sekarang komunitas Yahudi mulai bangkit dengan berdirinya menorah raksasa dan dua sinagoge di kota Manado dan Tondano, Sulawesi Utara. Kelompok ini dipimpin oleh Rabbi Yaakov Baruch. “Kami berupaya menjadi Yahudi yang baik,” kata Rabbi Yaakov.

Menorah ini juga menjadi lambang dari Mossad (dinas rahasia luar negeri Israel).
My English translation is something like this:
But, now the Jew community have risen with the giant menorah built and two sinagoges in Manado and Tondano city, North Sulawesi. This group lead by Rabbi Yaakov Baruch. "We are doing to be a good Jew," said Rabbi Yaakov

Menorah is also the symbol of Mossad (Israeli secret service).


This is really provocative and really made a propaganda. I resent much that this happens in a media that I respect, Tempo Interaktif.

This is like telling that the Moslem have built mosque on Papua. The mosque have star and moon.  And on the next paragraph you tell your viewer that Al Qaidah have star and moon symbol also. This is like you tell that Christian people build a cross and then the next paragraph you tell that Klu Klux Klan also have a cross as their sign.

Did you want us to relate that Moslem people are on the rise because of the terrorism? Did you want us to jump into conclusion that Christians are skin head haters?

I know that journalist is there to put the whole truth. But, these are really two unrelated topics. Do you want to nurture people to have jumping conclusion? To give a sense of notion some kind of conspiration is going there?

Don't give me blatant crap like you are not purposely giving this perversion. If you want to have explain about Menorah, why don't you explain of it as a candle holder in the Jews temple. The candle was a sign of twelve tribes of Israel. And by the way, you are trying to write an Indonesian community. How on earth suddenly you relate that into another country's secret service?

If we have to ever forced to  start a civil war right in the future, I'll shoot or encourage people to shoot all of the journalists first. They are the one who brought it themselves. They've provoke us. They uneducated us instead of making a message of peace.

Is Kode Etik Jurnalistik Wartawan Indonesia just a crap made from the past now?

I still believe in Tempo. I know Gunawan Muhammad have stood for diversity in our country. But, I am angry right now about this. An anger out of fear that Tempo would have stained with the purported people whom would love to write about sensational stories.



  1. WTF?

    Shame on you, Tempo Interaktif!
    I'm a Muslim and I know what Menorah is and I really regret how this reputable mass media mislead the reader.

  2. Yeah, Kun. It's a shame on this article. But, I think after cooled down, I don't think Tempo Interaktif is to be blame. I hope they would not let this kind of article slipped away again.

    I'm afraid, though, if this caliber of magazine could pass such writing,then others might have been worst.


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